7 Best Times to Be in a Relationship ...


Being single can be awesome, but you should recognize the best times to be in a relationship. It’s great to have someone that's always there for you, willing to help you out when you’re in a pickle. No matter what situation you get yourself into, they'll be ready to be your savior. Whether you're single or not, you can agree that these are the best times to be in a relationship:

1. When You See a Bug

When there’s a spider in your room, you decide that you never really wanted to live there anyway. You could kill it if you really had to, but no one wants to approach those big things. One of the best times to be in a relationship is when you need help in the bug department. You don’t have to go through the trouble of crushing it, or capturing it and releasing it outside, because your partner will do the dirty work for you.

When You’re Cold
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