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Being a delivery driver, like many other jobs, has moments that are infuriating and moments that are hilarious.

Are you looking for some funny delivery driver experiences? Keep reading.

Here are some of the best funny delivery driver experiences you'll ever read.

Get ready to laugh!

1. Hotel Room Service

β€œAs I approached the hotel room door, I heard moaning and rhythmic thumping.

Another couple doing it, I thought, rolling my eyes, and knocked on the door.

Of course, someone yells out β€œOne sec!” with the subsequent rustling and stumbling out of bed to the door.

I heard whispering, and finally the door opens.

Here is this 20 something guy wearing boxers, with the most obvious boner EVER.

I see women’s heels nearby and I KNOW she is totally hiding under the covers.

β€œHey, how you doing?” He says politely, as I hand him the credit card slip, acting as if I’m not delivering pizza to this guy with a tent.

He signs, I hand him pizza and tip my hat.

β€œHave a good night.” He replies in kind and shuts the door.

I didn’t make it 3 feet away from the door before I lost it laughing.

He definitely heard me."

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