5. Free Cash

"On a busy weekend, I was dropping a pizza to a customer on a main road.

A man walks up to us, boldly interrupting, asking if I can give him a ride to 15 West Street, which is about 3 blocks away.

I tell him to hold on, complete my delivery and turn to him.

'I’ll give you $100,' he says before I can say anything.

I paused, weighing my odds.

I could SO use the money!

Thoughts flashed before my eyes as I pondered every angle.

Finally, I said, 'Sure.

But know that I have a kid, don’t f**k with me.' He nodded and hopped in the car.3

We chatted easily, had a cigarette.

He was nervous but calmed down.

'You’re so cool, I’m gonna give you an extra $20,' he promised.

'Well, thanks,' I answered.

Three minutes later, I pulled into the driveway, he ran in, 45 seconds later he was back, 3 minutes later he was out of my car.

I was alive, with an extra $120 in my pocket.

I figure, maybe he just forgot his cell phone at home?"2

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