9 Optical Illusions You'll Have to See to Believe ...


Optical illusions create a misleading impression of reality.

They trick your eyes into seeing something that they want you to see.

For some reason, we love to have our senses fooled like this, which is why you'll love looking at these optical illusions:

1. Anamorphic Illusions

This video will show you several anamorphic illusions.

That means that you'll be seeing an image that looks like it's 3D, even though it's actually just printed on a piece of paper.

It's all about the way that the camera is angled and how the picture was drawn.

Illusions like this will make you question everything you see, because they're just so convincing.

2. Ear Illusions

Illusions aren't only meant for your eyes.

There are some for your ears, too!

Haven't you ever sworn that you heard someone say something, but they refused to admit it.

It might've been because your ears were tricking you.

We can't always trust our senses.

3. T-Rex Illusion

If you love dinosaurs, then you'll think this is the cutest illusion in all of existence.

It will show you a t-rex made out of paper that looks like it's following you as you move around the room.

There's nothing more adorable than these little fellows, so get ready to squeal.

4. Shade Illusion

If you're still confused over the yellow/gold or blue/black dress controversy that we all heard about a few months ago, this illusion should help you understand why we were all so argumentative.2

The way our brains perceive color is extremely interesting.

This video doesn't look all that fascinating at first, but once a woman comes in to show you that what you were looking at isn't what it seemed, you'll be thrilled.

5. Balls Illusion

We all know that whatever goes up must come down.

That's just the way that gravity works.

However, when you watch this illusion, you'll wonder if that's true, because you'll see balls go up a ramp and never come down.3

It's hard to comprehend until you see the explanation at the end of the video.

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