7 TV Shows You Should Take Advice from to Be Happier ...


If you want to live a successful life, there are TV shows you should take advice from.

It’s not always dangerous to do what you see on screen.

Sometimes, the characters on hit shows set a great example for audiences everywhere.

If you’re looking to better your life, here are the best TV shows you should take advice from:

1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

By now, everyone knows the story of Walter White.

He was a chemistry teacher that was diagnosed with cancer and turned to meth to make money.

Well, you don’t have to come down with a deadly illness in order to follow in his footsteps.

Breaking Bad is one of the TV shows you should take advice from if you want to rake in the dough.

I mean, how dangerous could the drug business be?

It worked out for Walt and Jesse.


for a while.

Game of Thrones
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