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7 Adorably Silly Quotes about Being a Bride ...

By Holly

Whether you're engaged to the love of your life or you just enjoy daydreaming about walking down the aisle in the future, you'll find the following quotes about being a bride absolutely adorable. I mean, who wouldn't want to wear a gorgeous dress while their entire family admires their beauty? Plus, it would be pretty awesome to find a guy you love enough to spend the rest of your life with. If you can't stop thinking about your big day, here are some of the best quotes about being a bride that'll make you smile:

1 Stealing Sweetly

Stealing Sweetly It's never nice to take something without asking, unless you're capturing someone's heart and cherishing it like it's a trophy. If you've found a guy who's managed to steal your heart, then you're just going to have to steal his last name. It's only fair, so he certainly shouldn't mind the trade.

2 Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever Marriage is a huge deal. You're not only trusting someone to treat you like a princess, but you're also trusting them not to ruin your life by divorcing you and taking away all of your treasured possessions. It's a big risk, but it's one worth taking if you're truly in love with your partner.

3 Bye Bye Bachelor

Bye Bye Bachelor Men act like it's plenty of fun to be a bachelor, but when you picture a bachelor pad, you picture a disgustingly messy apartment. How is that better than living in a pristine house with the love of your life? No matter how much men brag about their bachelor lifestyle, it's not nearly as good as being married.

4 Always Annoying

Always Annoying No matter who you are, you can get pretty annoying. It happens. If you're going to marry someone, then they need to be ready to deal with all of your annoying habits and craziness. If he agrees to do that, then he's pretty special.

5 Pretty on Pinterest

Pretty on Pinterest Pinterest is the perfect place to look at pretty things. Of course, when you try to plan a wedding with the pictures you find on the website, it'll be a little unrealistic. All those beautiful things cost money, so you're going to have to settle for something a little more affordable.

6 Right in the Relationship

Right in the Relationship Once you get married, you're going to start hearing these types of cliches a lot. People like to joke about how marriage is like prison and how the woman is always right, but we know that's not true. Of course, that doesn't mean that you aren't a smartie!

7 Deserving of the Dress

Deserving of the Dress The man you marry has to be someone who loves you for you. He can't only like you when you're dressed in fancy outfits and covered in make-up. He has to love you just as much when you're in sweatpants and a dirty old tee-shirt. If he truly loves you unconditionally, then he might just deserve to be your groom.

Your wedding is going to be one of the best days of your life, because you'll be surrounded by people who love you. It's a special occasion, so don't belittle it. Have you planned out your wedding since you were a little girl or have you not really considered where you want it to be and what band you want to hear playing?

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