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And This is Why Monday is the Worst Day of the Week ...

By Jennifer

Ugh, Monday, the worst way to finish a weekend. If you dread the start of the new workweek as much as I do, here are a few GIFs to enjoy as you procrastinate getting ready for the day ahead.

1 No Force Left

No Force Left

2 Exactly


3 Yep


4 *sobs*


5 Every Week

Every Week

6 Do Not Want!

Do Not Want!

7 The Feels!

The Feels!

8 I Just Want to Hug Him!

I Just Want to Hug Him!

9 It Would Be so Convenient

It Would Be so Convenient

10 She's Right, You Know

She's Right, You Know

11 It Burns!

It Burns!

12 I'm Not Ready Either!

I'm Not Ready Either!

13 Me Too

Me Too

14 No It's Not

No It's Not

15 Kick!


16 Mmm-hmm


17 Office Space

Office Space

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