Android Emoji Vs IPhone Emoji: Epic Showdown ...


So, I use an iPhone. And an iPad. I'm not an Apple fangirl or anything and I don't get into the whole β€œmy mobile device is better than your mobile device and you are stupid” fights (I get enough of that from my brother-in-law, who calls everyone who owns an iPhone stupid). I just like my phone because it does what I need it to do, it doesn't confuse me, and also it's pretty. I tell you all of that to tell you this: I had no idea emojis varied across different devices. I'm old and silly and sad. The differences, though? Oh, my god. They are something. In may of these, you'll see a comparison of Apple, Android (Google), and Samsung, while others include LG. Proceed at your own risk.

1. The Painful Grin

The Painful Grin

I like all three versions of this, to be honest, but Apple is my favorite. Android's got a pretty fly version, though. That emoji is serious.

The Other Kind of O Face
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