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So, I use an iPhone. And an iPad. I'm not an Apple fangirl or anything and I don't get into the whole “my mobile device is better than your mobile device and you are stupid” fights (I get enough of that from my brother-in-law, who calls everyone who owns an iPhone stupid). I just like my phone because it does what I need it to do, it doesn't confuse me, and also it's pretty. I tell you all of that to tell you this: I had no idea emojis varied across different devices. I'm old and silly and sad. The differences, though? Oh, my god. They are something. In may of these, you'll see a comparison of Apple, Android (Google), and Samsung, while others include LG. Proceed at your own risk.

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The Painful Grin

The Painful Grin I like all three versions of this, to be honest, but Apple is my favorite. Android's got a pretty fly version, though. That emoji is serious.


The Other Kind of O Face

The Other Kind of O Face Samsung's little face is so cute! He looks so sad and pitiful! I think it's the eyebrows.


I'm Tired

I'm Tired Okay. I am legit worried about the Samsung emoji. He looks extremely ill. This is truly tasteless, but he looks like Tom Hanks at the end of Philadelphia and it makes me sad.


Rage Face

Rage Face SAMSUNG, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? That is not anger. That emoji just ate one too many tacos. He just swallowed the shot that's going to come back on him.


The Heart Eyes

The Heart Eyes Okay, so these are pretty similar. The expressions, though … 'kay.


Disappointed Face

Disappointed Face Oh, I love these. Samsung's mouth.


The Samsung version of the disappointed face emoji almost makes you want to console your phone. With its downturned eyes and the saddest little frown, it's just pure expression of a bummer of a day. On the iPhone, the disappointment feels a bit more subtle, but it's there—etched in the downcast eyes and the slight frown. It's like the difference between a quiet sigh and a melancholic gaze out of the window on a rainy day. Both convey the mood, but in their own distinct, emotionally evocative ways.



Manicure The following few photos include LG's emojis, as well. For those of you keeping up, the line-up is Apple, Android, Samsung, and LG. Google's manicure game is tired, but I love LG's version. Great color!


Dancing Girl

Dancing Girl What. No. Only Apple and Samsung win.



Boys I think Android is always going to lose, tbh.


Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof I take that back. Android wins!


The Poo

The Poo When poo is involved, everybody wins.


Praying Hands

Praying Hands Android. Hands down – or pressed together, whatever.


Crossed Arms

Crossed Arms Honestly? Android's emoji is far better for the mood you are usually in when you use this emoji. NO.


While Apple's iteration might give off a more defensive vibe, with its tightly crossed arms and a slight slant, Android nails it with a relaxed yet assertive stance. The Android version is perfect when you're standing your ground or showing firmness without aggression. It's like saying, "I hear you, but I'm not backing down," all with a simple tap. Plus, the softer lines and warmer colors somehow make it feel less confrontational. When it's time to hold the line in a text, Android's crossed arms are your go-to virtual gesture.


Monster Emoji

Monster Emoji These are both adorable, honestly.


All the Differences

All the Differences Just so you can get a handle on the wealth of differences between emojis, here they are all spread out for you. The only photo I could find included Twitter, obvi, but no biggy. Android's sassy lady is maybe my favorite.


All the Holidays

All the Holidays There are even differences between the holidays, although they aren't so weird. Well, okay, Android's Santa is … actually, he's quite cute, ain't he?


The Guide

The Guide And just in case you ever need a guideline for all the many emojis in the world.

I feel like I've learned something today. I also think I will maybe stick with my iPhone. Furthermore, I think we can all agree that no matter what your phone or your platform, the middle finger emoji is the best thing that ever happened.

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