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7 Annoying Coworkers and How to Deal with Them ...

By Alison

There cannot be a person alive who hasn't had to deal with annoying coworkers. We've all had to work with people who irritate us, and others who make the workplace hell. There are many different types of infuriating coworkers, but here are the annoying coworkers that you're most likely to encounter …

1 The Handyman

One of the most annoying coworkers is the type who thinks that it's perfectly acceptable to touch people. That doesn't have to mean intimately (that type should be reported to management immediately), but rather that they don't respect other people's personal space. The Handyman is forever clapping you on the back or touching your arm. They may not be creepy, but you just don't want them touching you. Keep a distance between you.

2 The Sharer

The Sharer would be okay if they liked to share something nice like cakes. But they prefer sharing their feelings and opinions - rather too much. You are treated to their opinions on every topic, or intimate details of their love life. Nothing is off limits for the Sharer. Sometimes they're nosy, and want you to share things you'd rather keep to yourself. Just remember that you don't have to answer.

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3 The Limpet

Make the mistake of being nice to the Limpet, and they'll forever be at your side. They're the Sancho Panza to your office Don Quixote. The Limpet is oblivious to the fact that there's a difference between friendly office relations and sticking to someone like glue. They're everywhere you go - even in the next stall when you use the bathroom. Find them another person to attach themselves to.

4 The King of the Jungle

The King thinks that he's the most important person in the workplace. Even if you're his equal, he'll act as though you answer to him. He's the self-appointed boss of his level. The King's attempts to beat his chest are best ignored, as he's got no real authority to back up his attempts to seize power.

5 The Sloth

The Sloth prefers to forget that he has a job to do. He'll do anything to foist his work onto someone else. Every office has a sloth; he's never to be seen when there's a job to be done. He takes the dead part of deadlines a bit too literally, and shuts down. Public shaming is the answer - shout out loudly that he has a job to do.

6 The Interrupter

The Interrupter never allows you to get on with your work. He always wants something, needs your help, or is hanging around for no good reason. Even if he's not bothering directly, he makes it impossible to concentrate. You can hear him across the office. Heck, you could hear him across town. Move the entire office to another floor when he's not looking.

7 The Food Thief

Finally, how do you stop the person who steals your food from the office fridge? I'm not sure I can repeat some of the tactics I've heard about. Short of placing a spy cam, it's hard to identify a sneaky food thief, so be as sneaky as them. Make it known in the office that you're eating a super high-calorie diet, and your lunches will be magically untouched.

Annoying coworkers are hard to avoid. Even the most serene people can find themselves driven to the edge of insanity by someone they have the misfortune to work with. What types of annoying coworkers have you encountered?

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