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Are You a Coffee Addict? ...

By Jennifer

Chances are, you already know if coffee owns you - but just in case you're still in the "I can quit anytime I want" denial phase of your coffee addiction, here's a handy list that might finally convince you.

1 You Own More Coffee Mugs than Shoes

Let's face it, sweetie - most women own more pairs of shoes than they do coffee mugs (though in reality, there's one coffee cup you love more than any other). Go to your cupboard and count, then go to your closet and count. And count PAIRS, not single shoes.

2 Everyone KNOWS

You may be in the throes of a serious coffee addiction if your family/roommates/friends/coworkers/total strangers can tell whether or not you've had coffee yet in the morning... and how many cups you've had.

3 The Barista

If you have a definite preference for one barista over another at your favorite coffee shop, you might be a coffee addict. Bonus points (and more concern) if the barista knows you by name and/or starts Your Drink as soon as you walk in the door.

4 The Smell Makes Your Mouth Water

It's sort of a Pavlovian response - you smell your first cup brewing in the morning, and your mouth waters before your eyes open. You're obsessed.

5 The Prep

If you're a true coffee connoisseur/addict, you know more than one way to prepare a cup, and you have several coffee prep methods at your disposal. There's the drip pot, the Keurig, the French press, and in dire emergencies, the jar of (eww) instant coffee.

6 Gifts

Family/roommates/friends/coworkers/total strangers give you coffee-related gifts for your birthday and holidays, it's clear they know you're hopelessly addicted. Not that there's anything wrong with that, right? Right?!

7 Perfect Man

Back to that ideal barista. If this sounds like your Mr. Right, you're a confirmed coffee addict: tall (or short), dark roast (or not), handsome (or merely "interesting-looking"), bearded (or clean-shaven), can sling the bean like a dream. You're not picky. You just want a man who can make a cup of coffee YOUR WAY.

So... now that you've read through this list, cup of coffee in hand, how addicted are you?

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