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Artist Transforms Famous Places with Digital Photography -MUST SEE

By Jennifer

After aspiring violinist Julia Borzucka was injured, she turned her talents to sketching, and her work is so amazing, transforming familiar photos into backgrounds for her characters. Has she worked her magic on a place you love? Let's find out.

1 London

London Eye, reflection, ferris wheel, morning, evening,This giant hamster has no interest in wreaking Gozdilla-like havoc on his city. No, he just wants to exercise.

2 Table for One?

skyscraper, metropolis, tower block, city, landmark,It isn't that you can't find a date, it's that you also value alone time, so treat yourself to dinner on a rooftop table for one.

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3 New York City

New York City, Empire State Building, metropolitan area, skyline, skyscraper,I can't think of a better spot to read a book or have a quick nap, can you?

4 San Francisco

sea, sailing, vacation, jumping, windsports,You see the Golden Gate Bridge. Julia sees an ideal spot for beach volleyball.

5 The Lake

aerial photography, landmark, atmosphere of earth, flight, extreme sport,I think this was every child's fear after JAWS came out. A shark in the lake, or in your pool, or in the bathtub even...

6 Earth

AESA, The Beautiful Truth (2008), astronomical object, planet, earth,Ha! I love this one! I've often felt like I couldn't breathe while I was using a ball for sit-ups, too, but her excuse -- no air! -- is so much better than mine.

7 Synchronized Swimming

sand, vacation, physical fitness, 30),Can you imagine being one of the wee people on the beach?

8 Upside down!

color, road, photograph, street, snapshot,What else are you going to do with electric wires when you're a 30-foot-tall child?

9 Freeway

track, ale,Again, I could absolutely see a giant child doing something like this... also, taking the cars off the road and making them "crash" into each other.

10 Tucked in

Arch Rock, image, rock, terrain,The sound of rolling waves is so relaxing, I could totally fall asleep on the shore...

11 In the Clouds

At first I thought this would be better if the man were facing front, but I actually do like it better this way.

12 Nail Polish

natural environment, sand, coast, geological phenomenon, ocean,I'd absolutely wear a nail polish in this soft pink color, wouldn't you?

13 Beach Bods

The Louvre, clothing, muscle, undergarment, mythology,Does anyone know what this sculpture is called? And why it sets such unrealistic body expectations?

14 Playing Planes

atmosphere of earth, illustration, ELI,I'd hate to live so close to an airport -- can you imagine how loud it would be? -- but I'm sure the giant kids would love it.

15 Swimming

sky, blue, sailing, atmosphere of earth, sports,This is what I've always wanted to do in the clouds, from the plane... that, or just float on my back.

16 Peek, Baby!

landmark, metropolis, urban area, neighbourhood, city,Who wouldn't love a game of peek-a-boo with a sweet little baby, here among the tall buildings?

17 Paper Boats

Peyto Lake, Peyto Lake, Canadian Rockies, Canada Lake, mountain,I wish I knew how to fold these... smaller ones, not the giant ones, that is.

To see more of Julia's sketches, follow her on Instagram at @borzucka.

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