7 Awesome Reasons You Need to Buy a Onesie ...

So for the past 6 months, I have been telling my boyfriend that I want to buy a onesie. They just look so darn cute and comfy, and I saw Fergie and her hot hubby Josh Duhamel sporting blue and pink onesies in a magazine and I thought – now isn’t that adorable? Plus Miley debuted her twerking capabilities in one, and a slew of other celebs seem to love them! So here are 7 awesome reasons you need to buy a onesie!

1. It’s Super Comfy!

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One of the best reasons to buy a onesie is due to the sheer comfort of one. My man bought me one for my birthday, and you would not BELIEVE the level of comfort these guys give you! It’s literally like being wrapped up in a hug, all the time. You’ll never want to take your onesie off because nothing else matches its fuzziness and warmth!

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