7 Baby Videos That Will Have You in Stitches ...


7 Baby Videos That Will Have You in Stitches ...
7 Baby Videos That Will Have You in Stitches ...

There is nothing that makes my day 100% better quite like some adorably hilarious baby videos! These clips never fail to make me laugh until tears stream out of my eyes! Babies are just so carefree and happy, it is so refreshing to watch. If you’re having a tough day or are in need of a pick-me-up, you’ve come to the right place! These baby videos should do just the trick.

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Laughing Quadruplets

How can you not burst into laughter when you watch this video!? Babies laughing is such a magical sound, and these four adorable quadruplets just cannot stop! Their laughter is so infectious - not only is the father laughing, but just about anyone who watches the video will be too. This is such a great example of how hilarious baby videos can be!


Intense Conversation

Oh my, this little girl is really trying to say something very important! Props to the dad, who is trying so very hard to keep a straight face, but in the end just cannot hold it in anymore and starts laughing, just like I am every time I watch this video. She’s obviously trying very hard to copy her mum and is doing a stellar job.


No, No, No!

When babies learn to do or say a certain thing, they just get so proud and insist on using it at every opportunity - like this little cutie for example! She must’ve just learned the word ‘no’ and thinks it’s funny to use it as a response to absolutely everything her dad says! She has such an angelic face, it’s the sweetest!


First Ice Walk

This baby looks like a little munchkin in her snow suit, and the video is made even cuter by documenting her first ever walk on ice. She nearly loses her balance at one stage but manages to save herself - but just wait until the end, it’s too cute for words! Let’s just say that falling has never been quite so adorable!


Will Smith Fan

What a dude! This little kid has far better moves than I do (not that that’s saying much!) and is a total groover. I love the way he has to shut the door to make sure he has maximum privacy for the brilliant dance moves he’s about to perform. It’s obvious this kid really loves this song and loves to dance, and that really shines through.


Sleeping Cutie

Can we get a collective “awwwww!”? This baby is so very happy to see her mum, but just cannot keep her eyes open! She tries so hard to stay awake to say hello, but each time she falls back asleep, every person watching can’t help but smile. So sweet!


The Queen of Rock

I think there are probably few people who love Elvis Presley more than this little girl, Ella Mae! She asks her dad to put on Elvis and shocks everybody by singing and dancing along perfectly - you can just see the emotion on her face! This is one of my very favourite baby videos.

There are just so many adorable and funny baby videos floating around on the Internet, and it is well worth checking most of them out! I think it must be impossible to be in a bad mood after watching them. Which is your favourite funny baby video?

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