18 Bathroom Convos That Every Drunk Girl Has Had ...

The powder room is always an interesting place. I don't know what guys do in the bathroom, but there's a certain level of bonding in the women's room. Well, maybe “bonding” is the wrong word, but we're more inclined to talk, to ask for TP or tampons, and to generally interact with each other. The bathroom at a club or a bar, however, that's next-level. The girls tend to be tipsy in those bathrooms, which makes the whole experience kind of celebratory and often hilarious. It's all champagne bubbles and sisterhood, and as a result, we have the same silly, slurring conversations. Pee breaks and makeup checks have the potential to end in lifelong friendships!

1. “Girl, I Love Your Nails!”

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This typically leads to volleying the same compliment back and forth, followed by an exchange of numbers – not personal numbers, though. Manicurists' numbers, usually.

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