8 Bits of Hilarious Retro Dating Advice ...

Retro dating advice has become my go-to place for laughs. It should have been obvious, really – getting dating advice from the parents can be funny enough, and they aren’t that old (snigger). Just recently, I came across some retro dating advice from the 1930s which is just GOLDDUST. Imagine living like this?!

1. Don’t Be Sentimental

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As retro dating advice goes, this is classic. Some of what they say is inadvertently true…trying to get someone to say something that they don’t want to say, or something that they don’t actually believe, isn’t likely to end well for anyone. I mean, if they wanted to say it, they would – coercion isn’t necessary. And it’s probably true that men don’t like women crying, because most people don’t like to see others upset, especially if they don’t know how to help. The overarching tone is hilarious, though…don’t be sentimental. Damn people, having emotions. CONTROL YOURSELVES!

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