Brrr ... It's Cold Enough to Celebrate Mitten Tree Day ...


When December hits in the UK, we don't usually need excuses to wrap ourselves up in warm, woolly things, except we've had unusually mild weather all this year on average - apart from lots of rain.

However, Mrs. Weather has been somewhat mercurial the last couple of days and today we're expecting frost and ice. As this happens to coincide with Mitten Tree Day, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Mitten Tree Day is aimed at grade school children but why should they have all the mitten fun? Little kids can celebrate by hanging donated mittens on a mitten tree and other mitten themed activities, but we can get in on the act by pulling our favorite mittens from the closet and wearing them whenever we venture outside.

And all you lovelies who aren't having mitten weather - don't despair. Rebel! Wear your mittens anyway, or stick them in your pocket. Make sure a bit hangs out in defiance!

Stick those woolly hands in the air, wave them about and declare your solidarity with Mitten Tree Day on December 6th.

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