7 Cars Men Should Never Ever Drive ...

By Jennifer

7 Cars Men Should Never Ever Drive ...

If you're tired of your man constantly asking to borrow your car, it's time to make a change, to trade in your current ride for something that's so emasculating to any dude behind the wheel, he'll never ask for the keys. We girls can drive these cars without drawing sympathetic looks (or laughs) from men, but your man probably can't. So if you're looking for a new car, one your guy will never, ever ask to borrow, consider one of these. Here are 7 cars a man really shouldn't drive (suggest all in good fun, of course).

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Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chrysler PT Cruiser Why does this super-cool car make my list, when I’m sure scores of men have driven one without being made fun of by loads of total strangers? Because I drive one, so automatically, I think of it as a chick car. Your boyfriend may ask to borrow it, but maybe not.


Mazda Miata

Mazda Miata Simply put, even James Bond or the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” couldn’t make this tiny round convertible masculine. Ditto for the Honda del Sol. You'll love either one, but he might not even want to ride shotgun. Not enough "leg room."


Fiat 500

Fiat 500 This tiny car is entirely cool — but if you’ve ever seen the commercial from a few years ago for McDonald’s, featuring the rental-car nightmare, The Speck, you’ll understand why this makes my list. The only man who can drive one? Apparently, Charlie Sheen.


GEO Tracker

GEO Tracker While to some, the GEO/Chevy Tracker may seem like the ideal blend of “outdoorsy” and “fun” and “youthful,” to me, it also has a dash of “girl.” The same can be said for the Suzuki Sidekick.


Pontiac Sunfire Convertible

Pontiac Sunfire Convertible I’m sure Pontiac didn’t mean for the Sunfire convertible to be a chick car. I’m sure Pontiac meant for the Sunfire convertible to be driven and enjoyed by scores of young men and women, but somehow, like the Dodge Neon, this car seems to say “Hi, my name is Becky, and next year, when I graduate from college, I’m trading this in for an Audi!” So it's doubtful your sweetie will want to drive it.

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Any Minivan, Ever

Any Minivan, Ever I know it’s convenient. I know it’s swanky and cushy inside, with loads of comfort and infotainment options. But your man will probably never drive your minivan, because even if you remove all the booster seats and vacuum out all of the ground-up Cheerios and Goldfish crackers, he'll never be able to peel off the little stick figure family window clings. Only soccer moms can pull off the soccer mom look.


Anything Pink

Anything Pink When I was in high school, there was a girl whose parents bought her a pink pick-up truck for her sixteenth birthday. So take note: no matter what car you get, even a Corvette or Mustang or Bentley, your man probably won't ask for the keys.

See? You have plenty of new-car options your guy won't want to borrow - unless he really truly doesn't care what other humans think. Do you have a boyfriend-borrowing-proof car I should add to my list?

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For the love of God, lighten up quines ! I'm so sick of the politically correct bunch making an issue where there is none ! There are worse articles to be found on the net- the current state of unrest with different religions, paedophilia and animal cruelty - things which are much bigger than a wee fun article. Try living in the real world instead of being keyboard warriors! I come here for some light hearted bits and pieces not to be bogged down with accusations of various " isms" . Bams !

Ok pink snd da da da .... Ok but whats wrong with minivan what if he has big family I dont agree with that one

this is so sexist. I don't get how driving a Mazda or mini van makes them any less "manly". this is just ignorant and offensive


Hey, this is the author here, and of course this isn't based on anything factual (except for point 1, because I do indeed drive a PT Geezer). ^_^ It's meant in good fun, as the opening suggests, and if you're offended, thinking of how this article could have been written to further damage the strides we women have made, I make the rebuttal that poking fun at the patriarchy isn't a bad way to inch forward. Perhaps the title is misleading, but the article itself clearly points out that these are cars most men wouldn't WANT to drive, hence the reason we should consider buying one... so our male sig others won't swipe the keys. ^_^

I'm not the type to look at the car and be like "DAMN I'm going to be cruising in a badass/ugly car!" No. Haha

This is all a bit sexist really. If this was reversed and the article listed cars that women shouldn't drive we would all be flipping out.

I thought it was funny! We must not take everything too seriously.

I think this article is okay I believe that everyone is allowed to drive whatever car they want no one can say a car is too manly or girly we shouldn't judge the appearance of a car to give it who is suppose to drive it I think that cars can't be categorize as for a gender

Hint: the car a man chooses to drive is an extension of his perceived self...if you as a passionate hot blooded woman want to get into a guy's pink beetle, go for it but don't expect the ride of a life-time!! LOL!!