7 Cars Men Should Never, Ever Drive ...

If you're tired of your man constantly asking to borrow your car, it's time to make a change, to trade in your current ride for something that's so emasculating to any dude behind the wheel, he'll never ask for the keys. We girls can drive these cars without drawing sympathetic looks (or laughs) from men, but your man probably can't. So if you're looking for a new car, one your guy will never, ever ask to borrow, consider one of these. Here are 7 cars a man really shouldn't drive (suggest all in good fun, of course).

1. Chrysler PT Cruiser

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Why does this super-cool car make my list, when Iā€™m sure scores of men have driven one without being made fun of by loads of total strangers? Because I drive one, so automatically, I think of it as a chick car. Your boyfriend may ask to borrow it, but maybe not.

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