7 Cheeky Goals to Put on Your Realistic Bucket List ...

If you’re going to set goals for yourself, you might as well create a realistic bucket list. While you might be able to gain fame overnight or travel the world, you should put some items on the list that you can cross off easily. That way, you’ll feel better about your achievements. Here are some cheeky things to put on your realistic bucket list:

1. Go Get a Cat

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You don’t even have to buy a cat (or a dog, if you’re not a feline person), because you might find one roaming around. If it doesn’t have a home, then you can be its savior and take it back to your place. This fits well on a realistic bucket list, because pets aren’t that difficult to attain. As long as you’re going to take good care of it, what’s stopping you from getting a furry friend?

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