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You shouldn't cry in a corner if someone claims you're too skinny or heavy, which is why it's useful to have a mental list of replies for when someone comments on your weight. People can be incredibly rude, but you should never let them get you down. Why should their opinion mean anything to you? Here are some of the best replies for when someone comments on your weight:

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I Can Lose Weight, but You Can't Lose That Attitude

If someone claims that you're too heavy, then throw this line back at them. There's no reason for them to be so mean, so don't let them get away with it. Call them out for it, so that they realize how inappropriate they're being. This is one of the best replies for when someone comments on your weight, because it will stop them in their tracks. They might not even realize how rude they were being until you tell them.


If You Ran like Your Mouth, You'd Be in Good Shape, Too

If someone makes fun of you for being too skinny, use this comeback. Some people think it's okay to comment on a thin person's weight, even though they would never comment on a heavier person's weight. Well, neither is acceptable. A person's weight is nothing to be joked about.


Remember, just because you can run your mouth doesn't mean you're getting anywhere. This sharp retort turns the tables on the offender and highlights the silliness of their comment about your weight. Their words may be fast and loose, but your wit is even faster. Rather than letting their remarks weigh you down, you're showing that your self-esteem is not up for discussion. And let's face it, if quick comebacks burned calories, you'd be giving professional athletes a run for their money. So next time, you can let them know that your sharp mind is perfectly matched with a body that's nobody's business but your own.


It's a Good Thing I'm Not Insecure, like You

Show them that you don't care about what they think of you. You're too confident to break down crying over one person's ridiculous comments. Don't let them get to you.


I'm Not Heavy. I'm Allergic to You, so I Swell up

This turns the insult around, so now they're the ones who will be embarrassed. Don't be afraid to tell them that you want nothing to do with them. If they're mean enough to comment on your weight, then they don't deserve your precious company.


So? That Means I'm Rich

If someone says that you're heavy, all it means is that you have the money to buy enough food to keep you alive. Isn't that a good thing? It's better than starving, so be proud of your ability to eat three meals a day.


I Didn't Realize You Got Your MD

If someone calls you obese or says that you're too big to be healthy, ask them when they became a doctor. Your physician is the only person who should be able to tell you whether or not you need to lose or gain weight. The job belongs to him, not some random person you meet on the street.


If That's All You Can Come up with, I Must Be Pretty Perfect

If the only possible thing someone can insult you on is how much you weigh, then you're a pretty perfect specimen. They could be commenting on your personality or your talent, but they're unable to do so, because you're so darn amazing. Walk away from them feeling confident, because if your weight is the only thing they can find a problem with, you're doing pretty well in life.

No matter what you weigh, others will criticize you for it. That's why you shouldn't let their opinion impact your happiness. Be proud of what you look like! Has anyone ever negatively commented on your size?

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I'd just laugh at how much they care to even say anything.

Did an 11-year-old write this?

My fave is I might be fat but ur ugly and I can diet.

Wow yes!! I was waiting in the carpool line to pick up my child from school, when I see a girl I went to high school with pulled up behind  me.I had gained  some weight after having g kids and felt VERY self conscious about it.She gets out of her car and starts walking up to mine.I thought maybe she wouldn't notice.The first thing she said was"hey you look like you watched too many soap operas and ate one too many Doritos"hahaha!!That was one of the most humiliating moments of my life and it was over 20 yrs ago.When I think of it it still makes me feel the same way!!She had been a good friend all through school.What would make someone be so thoughtless and uncaring?

Wow...this is lame.

I agree with haley! Just being mean shows how much other persons coment affected u or else u would say or thing aaah whatever ....

How about if your an adult just ignoring the person not worth wasting oxygen:)

Omg! I love this! It's great to know these for when something happens, realistically it is pretty low for people to make comments on someone else's appearances, to me I don't care what you look like or whatever, it's who you are as a person that counts :)

All of these responses are incredibly disrespectful. If you're content with who you are, you don't have to respond in such a rude way. How about responding with kindness rather than meanness?

DO's are doctors too, not just MD's. Should just leave it as "didn't realize you're a doctor."

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