7 Clever Ways to Survive an Awkward Situation ...


If you're easily embarrassed, there are plenty of convenient ways to survive an awkward situation. You don't have to smile, and pretend like things are A-ok. You can succumb to your instincts, and treat the situation in a way that feels natural. Here are some ways to survive an awkward situation, so you never run out of options:

1. Hide behind Your Phone

If you’re stuck in a room with someone you don’t want to have a conversation with, take out your handy dandy cell phone. You don’t have to bother your friends with lame conversation starters just so you look busy, so open up an app and pretend to type away. You can even play Flappy Bird or Angry Birds or look at pictures of a bird. Using your phone as an emotional shield is one of the easiest ways to survive an awkward situation. Hopefully the other person will have left the room by the time you look up.

Run as Fast as You Can
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