7 Common Sense Life Hacks That'll Make You Laugh ...


Some life hacks are actually helpful. Others are a little ridiculous. Why do you need tips for everyday activities that are already easy? That's why someone on Imgur created a mock lifestyle hacks album you can find below:

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Dress Accordingly

Dress Accordingly If it's cold out, don't walk outside in shorts and a tank top.


Charge Your Phone

Charge Your Phone This is why you should always have your charger with you.


Turn up Your VOlume

Turn up Your VOlume Sometimes, the simplest answers are the right ones.


Fill up Your Car

Fill up Your Car It's the only way you can drive it.


Cook Your Food

Cook Your Food It's the best thing to do before you eat it.


Move Data

Move Data You can transfer any information to any computer!



Sleep It's even better than coffee and a cold shower.

What other "common sense" life hacks can you come up with?

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Put things back where they belong, so when you're in a rush, you're not wasting time trying to look for it!

Get things ready before the next day always helps me.

Eat when u r hungry ;-)

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