7 Common Sense Life Hacks Thatll Make You Laugh ...

By Holly

7 Common Sense Life Hacks Thatll Make You Laugh ...

Some life hacks are actually helpful. Others are a little ridiculous. Why do you need tips for everyday activities that are already easy? That's why someone on Imgur created a mock lifestyle hacks album you can find below:

Table of contents:

  1. dress accordingly
  2. charge your phone
  3. turn up your volume
  4. fill up your car
  5. cook your food
  6. move data
  7. sleep

1 Dress Accordingly

Dress Accordingly If it's cold out, don't walk outside in shorts and a tank top.

2 Charge Your Phone

Charge Your Phone This is why you should always have your charger with you.

3 Turn up Your VOlume

Turn up Your VOlume Sometimes, the simplest answers are the right ones.

4 Fill up Your Car

Fill up Your Car It's the only way you can drive it.

5 Cook Your Food

Cook Your Food It's the best thing to do before you eat it.

6 Move Data

Move Data You can transfer any information to any computer!

7 Sleep

Sleep It's even better than coffee and a cold shower.

What other "common sense" life hacks can you come up with?

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