7 Completely Honest and Blunt Break up Lines ...

By Holly

7 Completely Honest and Blunt Break up Lines ...

Relationships are about honesty, which is why you should use honest and blunt break up lines when ending your relationship. You didn’t lie while you were together, so why should you lie when you're breaking up? Your partner deserves the truth, which is why you should use one of these honest and blunt break up lines when saying goodbye.

Table of contents:

  1. i want anyone, but you
  2. you’re just not benedict cumberbatch
  3. you’re... decent
  4. i don’t even want to be friends
  5. i could give you exactly what you need, but i won’t
  6. i feel bad for you
  7. i’m not sorry

1 I Want Anyone, but You

Instead of saying, “It’s not you, it’s me,” just admit the truth. It’s them. It’s totally them. In fact, you’d love to date anyone else, but them. You’d settle for a lifetime of loneliness at this point. This is one of the honest and blunt break up lines we need to see more of. It’s not hurtful if it’s true, right?

2 You’re Just Not Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s not your fault celebrities are so darn attractive. If your man doesn’t measure up to the men of Sherlock, you just have to let him go. It’s not your fault that your standards are so high. If he’s going to be mad at someone, he should be mad at the British. Those accents are too hot to handle.

3 You’re... Decent

Don’t go on and on about how wonderful he is, and how he deserves someone amazing. You’re as amazing as they come, and he’s not getting you. Any other girl is just a step down. Tell him how lucky he is that he got to spend any amount of time with you. He’ll never find anyone better, so don’t pretend that he will. You shouldn't give him false hope; that would just be mean.

4 I Don’t Even Want to Be Friends

Instead of saying, “I hope we can still be friends,” just admit that you never plan on calling him again. It’s hard to maintain a friendship after months of make-out sessions. When you say goodbye, don’t plan on saying hello ever again. If you run into them at the store one day in the future, don’t assume that it’s fate. Just turn around and leave.

5 I Could Give You Exactly What You Need, but I Won’t

Don’t tell him that you’re not what he needs right now. Of course, you are. You’re fantastic. You could make him happier than he could ever imagine. But you won’t. Because you don’t want him. It’s too bad for him, really.

6 I Feel Bad for You

How could you not feel bad? I mean, he’s losing you. There’s nothing worse. You might as well point out all of the reasons why his life is going to be horrible from here on out. He may never feel happiness again. It's all downhill.

7 I’m Not Sorry

Why should you be sorry? It’s not your fault that you aren’t meant to be. If he wants to blame someone, let him blame the universe. Let him blame the media. Blame the president. There’s no reason for you to say sorry when there’s nothing to be sorry about.

It's never fun to end a relationship, especially with someone that you really care about. When you do, you have to be careful of how you phrase things so that you don't hurt their feelings. You don't want to ruin their image of you. Has anyone ever used a cliche break up line when ending things with you?

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