17 Crossfit Fails to Never Repeat ...

By Heather

17 Crossfit Fails to Never Repeat ...

Crossfit has EXPLODED onto the fitness scene and with all the hype comes some of the funniest and best fails in the world! How many times have any of these fails happened to you Crossfitters?

Table of contents:

  1. up – then down!
  2. recipe for fail...
  3. supposed to be legs …not ass
  4. oops!
  5. not how you do this...
  6. the form! the neck!
  7. total fail
  8. no form … at all
  9. way, way too heavy
  10. bad, bad day
  11. well, i tried
  12. so, not a push-up
  13. i can't!
  14. i win!
  15. up & down
  16. too heavy!
  17. that has to hurt...

1 Up – then down!

Up – then down!

2 Recipe for Fail...

Recipe for Fail...

3 Supposed to Be Legs …not Ass

Supposed to Be Legs …not Ass

4 Oops!


5 Not How You do This...

Not How You do This...

6 The Form! the Neck!

The Form! the Neck!

7 Total Fail

Total Fail

8 No Form … at All

No Form … at All

9 Way, Way Too Heavy

Way, Way Too Heavy

10 Bad, Bad Day

Bad, Bad Day

11 Well, I Tried

Well, I Tried

12 So, Not a Push-up

So, Not a Push-up

13 I Can't!

I Can't!

14 I WIN!


15 Up & down

Up & down

16 Too Heavy!

Too Heavy!

17 That HAS to Hurt...

That HAS to Hurt... Funny! So, which ones are your fave? Comment below!

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