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Decembeard the 12 Beards of Christmas Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit ...

By Vanessa

Happy Decembeard! Yup, that's a thing. It follows No Shave November and supports men’s health and prostate cancer awareness! Photographer Stephanie Jarstad put together a pretty awesome photo series of 12 guys and their Christmas-decorated beards! If you want to support the cause, you can purchase the "12 Beards Of Christmas" poster on!

1 Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Fingers crossed that this becomes a trend because it's awesome!

4 Santa

Santa Who knew the Santa transformation could be so easy?

5 Mistletoe

Mistletoe Alright, this is pretty clever.

6 Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights I'd be even more impressed if they could light up! LOL!

7 Elf

Elf This is great!

9 Rudolf

Rudolf, is that you?!

10 Ranger Santa

Ranger Santa Santa's a lone ranger this year.

11 Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland This one's my favorite!

12 Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffer The gift that keeps on giving!

Which of these were your favorite? You can see more of Sarah's photography on her page or her Instagram (@stephaniejarstad)!

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