7 Differences between Friends and BFFs ...


7 Differences between Friends and BFFs ...
7 Differences between Friends and BFFs ...

There are quite a few differences between friends and BFFs. Even though they're both great to have around, your best buddy is a bit more fun to hang out with, because she knows you so well and can make you laugh at the drop of a hat. You're so comfortable with her that you can do all of the weird things that you'd be embarrassed to do in front of others and she never even judges you. Here are some of the biggest differences between friends and BFFs:

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Awful Insults

Awful Insults If you insult a friend, you'll lose them. But when it comes to your best friend, you can call her every curse word in the book and she'll just laugh. The best part? You'll go from calling each other nasty names like you're enemies to calling each other pet names like you're dating. The way you communicate is one of the biggest differences between friends and BFFs.


Forbidden Food

Forbidden Food When you visit a friend's house, you'll die of hunger before you mention that you're hungry. When you're with your best friend, you'll raid her fridge without telling her. Her house is basically your house, so you know you're welcome to eat anything you find. She'll do the same at your place, so she can't complain.


Looks and Laughs

Looks and Laughs Your friends don't know your deepest secrets, but your best friend knows so much that she can basically read your mind. All you have to do is look at her and you'll both burst out laughing over the same joke that she somehow knew you were reliving in your head. It's like you share the same mind. It's no wonder you're so darn close.


Clingy Chicks

Clingy Chicks When you make a new friend, you're careful not to be too clingy. Your best friend, however, is someone that you'll bombard with random text messages that don't even make sense. Maybe you'll send her emoticons. Maybe you'll send her random GIFs. Maybe you'll just type gibberish to her so that you look like you're busy while you're sitting alone in the cafeteria. No matter what, she won't find it strange.


Pleasant Parents

Pleasant Parents You're polite with your friend's parents, but you joke around with your best friend's parents like they're your buddies too. In fact, her parents will usually side with you in an argument instead of your friend. They love annoying your pal as much as you do, so they won't hesitate to disagree with her. Plus, they love you like a daughter, so they're always sure to be nice.


Always Annoying

Always Annoying You don't want to annoy your friends, because you might lose them. But your best friend is someone that you'll purposely annoy. You'll sing stupid songs to her and talk in silly voices. The angrier she gets, the happier you are. It's your way of having fun.


Touchy Feely

Touchy Feely You might be nervous to hug your friends, because you don't know how comfortable they are with touching. However, everyone mistakes you and your best friends for lovers, because you're always holding hands and telling her how much you love her.

Best friends are special, so you don't want to let yours go. They're just too valuable to lose. How long have you known your best friend?

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This is true! I've known my bff since we were three.

Known my bff since first grade. Everyone thinks we r either dating or sisters. We go with it

Wish I had one of those!

What about "best friends" who do this but they talk behind each other's backs??? See it so much👀

More than half of the point you talk about arent true! Thats only what a blog said

I truly thought I had a best friend. I've known her for nearly 4 years but then one day the friendship didn't feel right to me. So I broke up with her and the other friend. I feel awesome now

This is so true :D I have known my best friend for 13 years now :) I love her to death and I can do anything for her :D she is my bæ

These r cute pics !

And we have way more in common but idk if u could call us bffs or not because we have barly known each other

Me and my bestie to a T!

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