7 Disney GIFs That Describe Your Life Perfectly ...


7 Disney GIFs That Describe Your Life Perfectly ...
7 Disney GIFs That Describe Your Life Perfectly ...

Even though people claim that fairytales create unrealistic expectations for young girls about love, there are Disney GIFs that describe our lives perfectly. The movies are more than just fun stories to watch when you're bored or sick. They're also pretty relatable and can teach you a lot when you really think about what they're trying to say. Here are some of the most memorable Disney GIFs that express how we're all feeling on any typical day:

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Handling Hunger

Handling Hunger When your stomach starts growling, you have to justify it by telling everyone around you about how hungry you are. Instead of saying that you're in the mood for a nice sandwich, you'll exaggerate like this little pup and say that you could eat an entire elephant. This is one of the Disney GIFs that you could quote today if you wanted, because there's bound to be a time when your hunger gets a little too intense to handle.


Idiots All around

Idiots All around Maybe you'll be sitting in a classroom or maybe you'll be at a family gathering, but this thought is going to pop into your head. Sometimes, it'll feel like you're the only intelligent person in the room. Everyone else is just a disgrace and you're embarrassed to be part of the same species as them. Their stupidity is just too much.


Learning Ladies

Learning Ladies We all do stupid things every single day, no matter how old we are or how wise we are. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes, but they can get tiresome. When you accidentally spill your drink on yourself or go on a date with a total jerk, you'll find yourself thinking just like Megara from Hercules.


Countless Chores

Countless Chores It can be frustrating to think of all of the things on your to-do list this week. You might not have to do any laundry, but you have to write papers and bring home a paycheck. All of your responsibilities can make you feel like Cinderella, stuck doing all of the dirty work while everybody else has fun.


Won't Worry

Won't Worry Even if you haven't crossed any items off of that to-do list, you run the risk of falling into the Hakuna Matata mentality. That means that even though you have tons of things to do, you don't care. You'll put it off until tomorrow, because today you want to have fun. Nothing's going to stop you from enjoying yourself.


Messy Humanity

Messy Humanity How could you disagree with this GIF? There are a lot of horrible things happening in the human world, which can make you wonder why Ariel ever wanted to grow legs. Swimming around in the water seems like a much more relaxing option, especially with all of the destructive behaviors humans have developed.


Always so Awkward

Always so Awkward If you've never been in an awkward situation, you're doing something wrong. Being embarrassed is a big part of life, even if it's also the worst part. The next time you start blushing, remember that even villains have to deal with awkward situations, so you're not alone in your misery.

Disney movies might not always get it right, but a lot of their quotes are relatable to women across the globe. What's your favorite Disney movie? What about your favorite quote from that movie?

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