49 Adorable Dogs Dressed for Halloween ...

By Neecey

49 Adorable  Dogs  Dressed for Halloween  ...

Dogs in Halloween costumes are super cute. And seriously, some dogs really don't mind being in clothes. Let's revel in the glory and fun of Halloween dogs

Table of contents:

  1. rambow-wow
  2. cha cha cha
  3. transfiguration
  4. cowardly lion
  5. superdog
  6. batman and robin
  7. dog piñata
  8. ewok
  9. up!
  10. happy birthday mr. president
  11. yoda
  12. chewbacca
  13. leprechaun
  14. starpugs
  15. walrus
  16. my little pony
  17. mr. t
  18. doggy nun
  19. girl snout
  20. hippie hound
  21. yoda
  22. minions
  23. puggie the riveter
  24. madogga
  25. scuba diver
  26. world of warcraft
  27. pin cushion
  28. disney princesses
  29. looking grape
  30. the dark knight rises
  31. darth pug
  32. the ship of the desert
  33. cookie monster
  34. dorothy
  35. the big bad wolf
  36. herb garden
  37. flying monkey
  38. beanie baby
  39. bum note
  40. taco dog
  41. pugraham lincoln
  42. cowboy
  43. lobster
  44. halloween dog-tail
  45. viva mexico
  46. dog delivery service
  47. scrubs
  48. unicorn
  49. watch dogs

1 Rambow-wow

Source: Playgirls stud of the month ...
The great thing about Halloween dogs is that you can make the cutest pets look mad and bad.

2 Cha Cha Cha

Source: purecostumes.com
I wonder if she loves her ruff-les?

3 Transfiguration

A case of paw-trificus totalis!

4 Cowardly Lion

Source: Tessa the Lion
It'll take plenty of courage for this pooch to wander the neighborhood looking like this.

5 Superdog

Source: Doggie Style: Adorable Halloween Costumes ...
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's ... Superdog.

6 Batman and Robin

Source: Found Shit : Funny, Bizarre, ...
Doggy superheroes.

7 Dog Piñata

Source: True Blue Me and You: ...
Way cuter than a sweet filled piñata.

8 Ewok

Source: Hood/Fur Dog Halloween Costume Off ...
You have to admit, some dogs are just made for certain costumes.

9 Up!

Source: Woof! Announcing the Winners of ...
Don't attach too many balloons as this little fella really will be on the way up.

10 Happy Birthday Mr. President

Source: Happy Birthday Mr. President
This would have been a very pug-nant performance.

11 Yoda

Source: Dogs Outlandishly Dyed and Groomed ...
Seriously? Could you really dye your darling doggy green for the sake of Halloween?

12 Chewbacca

Source: Adorable Dog Dressed Up as ...
Not so much a walking carpet than a little fluffy rug.

13 Leprechaun

Source: 13 Hilarious Dog Costumes
He's ready to sniff out a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

14 Starpugs

Source: 26 Costumes That Prove Pugs ...
Inspired by your favorite drink.

15 Walrus

Source: Walrus
When life's a beach.

16 My Little Pony

Source: MakeupAlley Message Boards - Cafe ...
How to confuse your pet.

17 Mr. T

Source: Mr T Doggie Dog
You crazy fool! Of course it's me.

18 Doggy Nun

Source: 2011 Halloween Pet Photo Contest ...
Praying for the time the costume gets put back in the cupboard for another year.

19 Girl Snout

Source: 30 Amazing Pet Halloween Costume ...
Cookies anyone?

20 Hippie Hound

Source: The Hippie Era- 1969
Super cool dog.

21 Yoda

Source: Community Post: 20 Pugs Dressed ...
Costume, good it is.

22 Minions

Source: L❤️ que ador❤️ !!!!
Bulldogs are the perfect shape for minions.

23 Puggie the Riveter

Source: 26 Costumes That Prove Pugs ...
Inspiration for doggy Halloween costumes comes from all directions.

24 Madogga

Source: 30 Amazing Pet Halloween Costume ...
Doggie diva. Like a virgin - virgin on the side of craziness

25 Scuba Diver

Source: Roger the Scuba Diver
No doing the doggie paddle in that get up.

26 World of Warcraft

Source: Funny Pictures of Dogs in ...
Battle dog.

27 Pin Cushion

Source: Peanut the Pin Cushion
A pooch ready to stick it to them.

28 Disney Princesses

Source: gopetplan.com
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

29 Looking Grape

Source: 50 Wicked Adorable Pictures Of ...
Thanks a bunch!

30 The Dark Knight Rises

Source: Community Post: Cats And Dogs ...
The Dog Squad.

31 Darth Pug

Source: media.photobucket.com
May the force be with you.

32 The Ship of the Desert

Source: 14 Adorable Dogs in Halloween ...
Only a Great Dane could carry this off.

33 Cookie Monster

Source: loveorbuy.com
Looks good enough to eat.

34 Dorothy

Source: Animal views
Will this make Toto jealous?

35 The Big Bad Wolf

Source: The Big Bad Wolf Costume
Oh my, what big eyes and teeth you have granny.

36 Herb Garden

Source: Shrimp Salad Circus
A costume that definitely grows on you.

37 Flying Monkey

Source: Flying Monkey Costume
Not half as scary as the real thing. (Did they scare you in The Wizard of Oz?)

38 Beanie Baby

Source: 29 Pet Halloween Costumes So ...
Some doggies don't need much of an effort to make a recognizable costume.

39 Bum Note

Source: Adorable Boxer is cute at ...
This must be so funny when he wags his tail.

40 Taco Dog

Source: Pet Costumes
Spicy tacos? Does that mean he's a hot dog?

41 Pugraham Lincoln

Source: "check out elmer dressed as ...
He's giving Daniel Day Lewis a run for his money.

42 Cowboy

Source: Halloween Costume Ideas for Boston ...
Get along little doggies.

43 Lobster

Source: 90 Corgis In Costumes
From paws to claws.

44 Halloween Dog-tail

Source: The Best of Halloween 2013: ...
Not shaken, nor stirred.

45 Viva Mexico

Source: 30 Amazing Pet Halloween Costume ...
Muchacho and Muchacha. Viva Mexico.

46 Dog Delivery Service

Source: Dishfunctional Designs: Creatively Cool Halloween ...
Some doggy costumes are too cute for words.

47 Scrubs

Source: Announcing Our New Pets Category ...
Doctor Dog.

48 Unicorn

Source: The Clever Dogs Who Won ...
Pugs are absolutely the best Halloween dogs.

49 Watch Dogs

Source: Watch Dogs
You know Halloween is the pawfect time for this costume.

So what do you think about dogs in togs? Do you love
animals dressed for Halloween? Do you dress up your pet?

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