Every Woman Will Understand These 17 Delicious Acts ...


Every Woman Will Understand These 17 Delicious Acts ...
Every Woman Will Understand These 17 Delicious Acts ...

Being a woman is pretty amazing, but there are moments that make it even more special. These are the moments you may not think about very often. They happen every day, so it's easy to take them for granted, but you definitely miss them when you don't experience them. You've enjoyed these acts, right? Even #6?

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Taking off Your Bra at the End of the Day

Taking off Your Bra at the End of the Day Is there anything more delicious than this, really? There's just so much freedom.


Getting Naked Period

Getting Naked Period No bra, no Spanx, no skinny jeans, no shoes … being naked and unfettered is heaven, especially if you're just running around your house alone, having a high old time.


Rubbing Your Eye after You Take off Your Mascara

Rubbing Your Eye after You Take off Your Mascara You know that sad little eye-scratch you do with the side of your fingertip when your eye makeup is all on point? Those things suck. There's nothing like finally being able to rub the hell out of your eyes.


A Smoothly Shaven Leg

A Smoothly Shaven Leg I hate shaving. Hate it. But as much as I hate it, even I have to admit that my legs feel awesome afterward. I just want to touch them constantly.


Taking out Bobby Pins

Taking out Bobby Pins Especially if any of them have been poking you in the head or pulling your hair the wrong way. Absolute bliss!


Farting in Private

Farting in Private What? It's true. Holding in a fart feels awful. The freedom of finally blowing the old butt trumpet is right up there with taking off your bra.


Removing All Shapewear

Removing All Shapewear This goes beyond both getting naked and removing your bra. Sliding out of your Spanx, pulling off a body shaper, and undoing a corset are all amazing. They're practically orgasmic.


After a long day of being squeezed and sculpted into the perfect silhouette, the relief of peeling away layers of compression fabric is indescribable. It's like your body is finally taking a deep breath of freedom. Imagine the sensation as every inch of your skin says a silent thank you when the pressure is lifted. You wiggle out of the constraints and your body flops into its natural state, utterly unapologetic and gloriously unrestrained. It's an at-home liberation ceremony that no one but you needs to understand.


Peeing after a Long Day

Peeing after a Long Day Do you ever do that, hold your pee because you're just do busy? Finally sitting down and letting it go is another orgasmic feeling. Mmm ...


We've all been there, right ladies? Dashing from meeting to meeting, downing coffee, and not a single bathroom break. But then, the moment we finally make it home, kick off those heels, and bolt to the loo – it's pure heaven. It's like the whoosh of relief is not just physical but emotional, as all the day's stress just flushes away. It's an undervalued simple pleasure that has us closing our eyes and sighing in satisfaction. Remember though, holding it in too long isn't great for you, so let's try to sneak those breaks in more often!


Taking off Your High Heels

Taking off Your High Heels These medieval torture devices might make your legs look out-of-this-world, but taking them off at the end of the day is heavenly.


Popping a Zit

Popping a Zit You know you shouldn't, but you can't help it.


That irresistible urge to push and prod at that pesky blemish feels like a battle for clear skin. And when it finally gives way, the mixed feelings of relief and disappointment are undeniable. Knowing full well that the aftermath might be a red, sore spot somehow doesn't deter the satisfaction. Sure, every facialist and dermatologist would wag their finger in disapproval, but in that triumphant moment, you almost feel like an amateur skincare guru. Just remember, ladies, dab on that antiseptic and promise your reflection a proper treatment next time—deep down, you know it's what your skin truly deserves.


Plucking a Pesky Hair

Plucking a Pesky Hair Whether it's on your chin or your eyebrows, you know the joy of successfully plucking a stubborn hair.


Taking Your Hair down

Taking Your Hair down Pulling out a ponytail, unfurling a braid, releasing a bun – bliss, heaven, so sweet.


Getting Your Eyebrows Done

Getting Your Eyebrows Done Hurts like a bitch when it's happening, feels so incredible when they're totally on fleek.


Fitting into Your Skinny Jeans

Fitting into Your Skinny Jeans And I don't mean the skinny style of jeans, I mean the jeans you haven't been able to wear since you weighed fifteen pounds less than you do now.


The struggle is all too familiar: shimmying, hopping on one foot, then the other, contorting in front of the mirror, and repeating a silent mantra that this time they'll zip up. Once they finally do, it feels like a personal victory. You've conquered the denim beast, proving that all those squats and salads were worth it. You sashay around your room, feeling invincible, until you remember the real test—sitting down. But hey, who needs to sit when you're rocking those jeans like a runway model? The confidence boost is undeniable, and a little discomfort is a small price to pay for feeling fabulous.


Having an Orgasm

Having an Orgasm Well, duh.


The sheer bliss of hitting that crescendo of pleasure is difficult to describe, but oh-so easy to feel. That moment when every fiber of your being seems to light up, igniting fireworks across your body, is simply unparalleled. And let's be honest – it's the cherry on top of the self-care Sunday. Whether achieved solo or with a partner, the big O is like the universe applauding a performance well done. So curtain call or encore, ladies, that feeling is our well-deserved standing ovation.


Making It to the Last Day of Your Period

Making It to the Last Day of Your Period It's over! It's finally over!


Being a Woman

Being a Woman That's the most delicious act of all!

What everyday moment makes you the happiest?

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Taking off my bra!! Jst my door steps!!

Yes five defo and getting rid of that bra

"Blowing the old butt trumpet" Hahahaha omg that's the best thing I've ever heard! I'm going to use that lol!

Nothing beats getting home from school and sitting on the couch with a heated blanket with a cat on your lap though lol 🤓

No.6 ?delecois act ?omg

lol brilliant !!!

Being women is the best 😌

Hysterically funny and oh-so-true!!

Wonderful but just being a woman is awesome. Girl power

Omg the eyebrows one is so true. These are hilariously true

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