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9 Fabulously Funny Place Names in the UK ...

By Alison

Have you heard of any of the funny place names in the UK? I have to wonder how some of our towns and villages got their names. There are some really hilarious places on the map, and their poor residents must be thoroughly fed up with all the jokes! But laughter is good for you, so here are just some of the many funny place names in the UK that will make you giggle …

1 Jump

I haven't heard of all the funny place names in the UK, but I've certainly heard a few. In this district of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, you can send your mail from Jump Post Office and educate your children at Jump Primary School. I don't know if there's a Jump Rope …

2 Grimness

While the Orkney Islands probably don't have the warmest climate, I doubt Grimness is quite as awful as its name suggests. Perhaps they want to keep the island free of tourism by suggesting that you really, really don't want to go there?

3 Mousehole

In the UK, we love place names that are pronounced completely differently from the way they are spelled. Mousehole is a Cornish village that's actually pronounced Mowzle. So practice if you go there and want to sound like a local!

4 Ugley

Poor Ugley seems doomed from the start. There's even a song about it - or maybe there's more than one Ugley place in the world. The Ugley Women's Institute changed their name because of the jokes; the Ugley Farmers' Market don't seem to mind, however.

5 Great Snoring/ Little Snoring

Snoring tends to be one of those things that people don't do by halves. There is, however, a Great Snoring and a Little Snoring, collectively known as the Snorings. Nobody gets any sleep, unless they stock up on earplugs (which are sold in bulk at the local drugstore …)

6 Donkey Town

Less than an hour from London you can find the rural-sounding Donkey Town, which isn't really a town. I couldn't establish whether it has any resident donkeys either.

7 Pity Me

No-one seems quite sure how this village got its name, but it's probably not meant to be literal. It could be a corruption of Petit (French for small). Or maybe someone in the olden days thought they'd confuse people in the future by giving the village a funny name …

8 Anton's Gowt

Gout is a painful ailment, so you have to feel sorry for poor Anton, assuming he existed. The place name might not be referring to the illness, although you can never be sure - perhaps Anton's gouty ghost haunts the village to this day …

9 Bryant's Bottom

There are plenty of place names in the UK that end in bottom. English humor, maybe? This place has always made me snigger, because … well, check my name. I'm very tempted to call by and take a selfie by the village sign …

There are lots more place names that will make you giggle, and not only in the UK. Other countries feature many silly names as well. Plus there are some incredibly rude place names around the world! Read some more here

What is your favorite funny place name, and could you bear to live in a place that had a daft name?

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