7 Female Problems We All Have to Suffer through ...

As wonderful as being a woman is, we have dozens of female problems to balance out the positives. Some of our issues are given to us by Mother Nature, while others are straight from society. Old or young, every woman should be able to relate to these common female problems:

1. Unpredictable Pockets

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You just bought a perfect pair of jeans. They’re comfortable, they fit properly, and they make you look fantastic. Of course, when you try to stash your phone in your pocket, it doesn’t fit! One of the most frustrating female problems is dealing with our inconvenient clothing. We either have fake pockets, or pockets that can barely fit our spare change inside of them. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a nuisance when you don’t feel like lugging a pocketbook around.

2. Contaminated Clothes

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You’re wearing your favorite pair of underwear when Mother Nature decides to pay you a visit. She wasn’t scheduled to show up for another few days, but she arrived early to ruin your day. This usually happens right before a big event, like a beach party or a wedding. SInce she knows she's not wanted, she likes to make a scene.

3. Ruined by Rubbing

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You casually rub your eyes, until you suddenly remember... You have make-up on! It took you an hour to apply the correct amount of eye shadow and make the wings of your eyeliner even. In a single moment, all of your hard work is ruined. Then there's nothing left to do but find a mirror and start from scratch.

4. Crumby Days

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You’re lounging around, munching on some chips, and end up leaving crumbs everywhere. They don’t just land on your tongue and lap, but find their way into your bra. If anyone else is around, you won’t want to fish them out, because it’ll look inappropriate. However, if you leave those crumbs in place, you’ll feel like a mess for the rest of the day. The dangers of wearing a low-cut shirt...

5. Missed a Spot

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Once you finish shaving your legs, the smoothness feels fantastic. An hour later, it’s a little less fantastic when you realize you missed a spot. Hopefully, it’s not noticeable. Otherwise, you might have to hop back into the shower to finish the job.

6. Unnatural Nails

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You just finished giving yourself a mani and pedi. The color looks vibrant, and you managed to keep the polish on your nails and off of your skin. While it’s still drying, you realize that there’s something you need to do. Maybe you’re craving a snack, maybe you need to use the bathroom, maybe you need to answer the door. Either way, you risk ruining your perfect nails.

7. Racket Causing Wrappers

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No one will ever know that you’re on your period, unless they hear you open a pad or tampon. The wrappers make way more noise than necessary, alerting the entire world of your predicament. If companies want to make more money, they should stop advertising with dancing women and start creating quieter wrappers.

As long as you realize how incredible being a woman truly is, there’s nothing wrong with a little criticism of our gender. Complaining can help release stress, and can help you ladies bond! So what’s your main complaint about being a female?

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