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By now, you’ve probably seen the hit Disney movie, and have plenty of Frozen quotes memorized. It’s hard not to fall in love with the film that has risen to fame so quickly. The characters are adorable, the animation is beautiful, and the script is brilliant. Whether you're a fan of Olaf, in love with Kristoff, or wish you were Elsa, here are some funny Frozen quotes you can use every single day to feel like you're in your own Disney film:

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Look at That. I’ve Been Impaled

Look at That. I’ve Been Impaled You don’t want to be physically impaled like Olaf, but you deal with emotional pain all the time. When someone hurts your feelings, this is one of the Frozen quotes you can toss at them. It’s a clever way to express the harm they’ve done to your heart. Of course, if they’re as rude as Hans, you should skip the quote and walk right out the door.


Let It Go

Let It Go Tell it to yourself when you’re upset. Tell it to your teacher when they ask where your missing homework is. Tell it to your dog when he won’t release your slippers. This phrase is perfect for virtually any situation. Of course, no one will realize you’re quoting a film, unless you sing it in tune to the song.


You Hesitated

You Hesitated Whenever someone pauses before answering an important question, use this phrase. Did your parents pause before saying that they don't have a favorite child? Did your friend pause before telling you she doesn't have a crush on your boyfriend? Always look out for those hesitations, because you know what they mean.


Can I Say Something Crazy?

Can I Say Something Crazy? This phrase is fun to scare people with. Whenever you ask it, people will wonder what you’re going to say that is so insane. For the best results, text the question to someone, and then wait to reply. Building suspense is as fun as building a snowman.


Conceal, Don’t Feel

Conceal, Don’t Feel Don’t bottle up your emotions until you snap, but don’t be unreasonably rude either. If you’re in a room with your nemesis, act like their existence doesn’t bother you. The same goes for when your crush is flirting with another girl. Conceal those jealous emotions, and be the good girl you always had to be.


The Sky’s Awake, so I’m Awake

The Sky’s Awake, so I’m Awake When your partner or parents are annoyed that you’re up so late, use this as an excuse. How can they be annoyed after you say something so adorable? If they don’t think it’s a good enough excuse, start singing to them about making snowmen or sand castles. Whatever works.


This is Awkward. Not That You're Awkward...

This is Awkward. Not That You're Awkward... Anna’s awkwardness is something everybody can relate to. How many times do you come across a cutie, only to ruin the moment by babbling? Well, the next time that this happens, pretend that you were simply recreating the scene from Frozen. If he finds your behavior childish, then he’s not worth your time. Who needs a man that won’t snuggle up and watch animated movies with you?


The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyways

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyways I don't know how many times I've used this line! Whenever somebody tells me my room's too cold or asks me why I don't have a bigger jacket on, I simply look at them and say: "the cold never bothered me anyway!" LOL. I'm sure my friends are all tired of hearing it but that doesn't mean I'm tired of saying it!


I like Warm Hugs

I like Warm Hugs Use this line every time you introduce yourself to someone! Hey, if it works for Olaf, it can work for you! How do you think people would react if you used this line?


Big Summer Blowout!

Big Summer Blowout! Anyone else find themselves saying this when they see a sale going on? Even if it's not summertime, I'll be the one screaming out "big summer blowout!"


Some People Are Worth Melting for

Some People Are Worth Melting for Let your loved ones know you love them by letting them know that they're worth melting for! If they understand your Frozen obsession, they'll find it sweet and endearing.

If you haven't seen Frozen yet, go watch it! If you have seen it, watch it again! It's one of those Disney movies that is impossible to get sick of seeing. What was your favorite scene and quote from the movie?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Vanessa Salles.

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My friend's little brother used the "the sky's awake, so I'm awake!" On her. She thought it was adorable but still told him to go back to sleep

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