11 Funny Frozen Quotes to Use in Your Everyday Life ...

By now, you’ve probably seen the hit Disney movie, and have plenty of Frozen quotes memorized. It’s hard not to fall in love with the film that has risen to fame so quickly. The characters are adorable, the animation is beautiful, and the script is brilliant. Whether you're a fan of Olaf, in love with Kristoff, or wish you were Elsa, here are some funny Frozen quotes you can use every single day to feel like you're in your own Disney film:

1. Look at That. I’ve Been Impaled

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You don’t want to be physically impaled like Olaf, but you deal with emotional pain all the time. When someone hurts your feelings, this is one of the Frozen quotes you can toss at them. It’s a clever way to express the harm they’ve done to your heart. Of course, if they’re as rude as Hans, you should skip the quote and walk right out the door.

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