17 Cool Drinking Games All 21 People Will Enjoy ...

By Holly

17 Cool Drinking Games All 21 People Will Enjoy ...

If you're old enough and responsible enough to drink, then you might as well make a game out of it. Grab some friends, grab some beer, and get to work. The next time you have a few people over, here are a few fun drinking games that you can play:

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Break out your old Battleship game. Except, instead of putting ships on the board, put shot glasses on the board.


Edward 40 Hands

You might've seen some Youtubers, like Tyler Oakley, play this game. It's when you grab two 40-ounce bottles of beer and duct tape them to your hands. The game's over when you finish both bottles.


Mario Kart

The point of the game is to be the first to finish a race in Mario Kart and finish your beer. However, you can't drink and drive at the same time. Either have your controller in your hand or your drink.


Flip Cup

Separate your friends into two groups and give everyone a cup of beer. Then see which team can drink their beer and flip the cup over first.



Basically, you have to try to bounce a quarter off of the table and into a glass. If you succeed, you get a drink.

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This is a card game that has a lot of rules. But as soon as you learn all of them, you're bound to have a blast.


Beer Pong

You should know how to play beer pong by now. Just grab a bunch of red cups and try to bounce a ball into each one of them.


Backwards Words

Try to say different words backward while drunk. It's harder than you think.


Russian Roulette

You've heard of this game. Of course, you're going to be playing a safe version with liquor.


Fuzzy Duck

For this drinking game, you're going to sit around in a circle. As long as you have enough friends with you, then you're bound to have an amazing time together.


Truth or Drink

You're going to either answer a super embarrassing question or you're going to take a shot.


I Never

You've played this game while sober. Now play it while drinking.


Flip Sip or Strip

You're either going to flip a coin, take a sip out of your cup, or strip off an item of clothing.


Cards against Humanity

You can download this game on Cards Against Humanity. Whenever someone picks your card, celebrate by taking a drink.


Going on a Picnic

You've probably played this game as a kid. Now, you can play it again. Except you need to drink whenever you screw up.


Santa Hat

For this game, you're going to need a Santa hat or any other kind of hat. Place it on the edge of your TV and anytime it looks like a character on a show is wearing the hat, everyone takes a drink.


True American

This was the game on New Girl. It doesn't have any real rules, so you can just drink whenever you'd like.

Now you have plenty of different ways to keep occupied the next time you drink with your gal pals. What's your favorite drinking game?

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