13 Fun 🤗 Ideas 💡 for Snapchat 📱 Pics when You're Bored ...

When you can't think of any more cute or silly poses to make, you'll need fresh ideas for snapchat photos. It's become one of the most popular apps, because people love snapping pictures of their life and showing them to others. If you're addicted to the app, then you'll be able to put these ideas for snapchat photos to good use. You'll make your pals laugh, and have fun doing it!

1. Draw Something

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If your life is too boring to capture, then make it more interesting by drawing on some special effects. You can make anything more interesting with a little artistic effort. This is one of the fun ideas for snapchat photos that will make your friends smile. Even if you're horrible at drawing, give it a try. You won't be the next Picasso, but you'll make someone laugh.

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