7 Fun, Interactive Websites for when You're Bored ...


If you're sitting around, unsure of what to do with yourself, there are plenty of fun websites for when you're bored. You shouldn't waste time by staring at a blank screen. There are only so many hours in a day, so you should at least spend them doing something that brings you joy. If you have nothing good to do, entertain yourself by heading to one of these websites for when you're bored:

1. TV Show Times

Are you curious about how many hours you've wasted watching television? Well, now you can find out! Head to tiii.me to calculate how many months you've spent watching your favorite shows. All you do is type in all of the shows you've watched, and state how many seasons you've seen. The website does the rest. It's amazing to see how much time can add up. This is one of the websites for when you're bored that will either inspire you to step away from your television to get fresh air, or will remind you that you haven't finished watching every episode of Mad Men.

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