7 Fun Interactive Websites for when You're Bored ...


If you're sitting around, unsure of what to do with yourself, there are plenty of fun websites for when you're bored. You shouldn't waste time by staring at a blank screen. There are only so many hours in a day, so you should at least spend them doing something that brings you joy. If you have nothing good to do, entertain yourself by heading to one of these websites for when you're bored:

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TV Show Times

Are you curious about how many hours you've wasted watching television? Well, now you can find out! Head to tiii.me to calculate how many months you've spent watching your favorite shows. All you do is type in all of the shows you've watched, and state how many seasons you've seen. The website does the rest. It's amazing to see how much time can add up. This is one of the websites for when you're bored that will either inspire you to step away from your television to get fresh air, or will remind you that you haven't finished watching every episode of Mad Men.



Imagine getting dropped in the middle of nowhere, and having to figure out where you are. GeoGuessr shows you a picture of a random location, and you have to guess what country and state you're in. You have to really look at your surroundings in order to guess correctly. It's tons of fun, and will help you with your geography.



Do you love playing 20 Questions? Then you'll love Akinator. All you do is pick a character, and answer questions about them. The website will guess whom you're talking about, and get it right almost every time. It's a time waster, but it's fun!


Typing Test

Do you want to enhance your typing skills? TypingTest.com is both fun and useful. There are plenty of different games that allow you to get better acquainted with your keyboard.


Bubble Wrap

What's the best part about getting a gift in the mail? The bubble wrap, of course! Well, now you don't have to wait for your birthday to enjoy the fun of popping bubbles, because virtual-bubblewrap.com exists. The real thing may be a bit better, but the website is strangely addictive. Give it a try.


Adorable Dog

Sanger.dk isn't all that interactive, but it feels that way. If you wish you had a pet, but aren't the proud owner of one, this will make you feel better. If you already have a pet, show them this doggie to see their reaction. All it does is show you a picture of a puppy licking your screen. It's as cute as can be!


The Useless Web

If you want to have some fun, but don't know where to look, head to theuselessweb.com. It directs you to a different, pointless website every single time. It's amazing how many ridiculous web pages are out there, just waiting to be seen. Most of them are so strange that they're comical. But you might find something that you'll need to show to all of your friends, so why don't you check and see?

All of these awesome websites are only a click away. You might as well try them out, because they could be the highlight of your day. What's your favorite website to go to when you're bored (beside AWS)?

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Omg! I can't believe there's a TV calculator! I don't want to know, but at the same time I do.. Maybe it's a good thing the site is currently down. Probably a sign that I've watched too many episodes!

Shamchat is also fun. It's a website where you pretend to be a fictional character and have convos with other fictional characters.

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