7 Funniest "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" You Haven't Seen Yet ...


I think at some point we all fall into a binge-watch of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets videos. There’s something so funny about them, even if there are a few where you just want to hug them and tell them that it’s okay. Most of the celebrities have hilarious reactions to their mean tweets, and these videos have the funniest reactions in my opinion. If you’re looking to laugh, look no further than these hilarious Celebrities Read Mean Tweets videos.

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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #8

This is one of the latest installments of this segment, and one of my personal favorites. Eight installments in, and the Jimmy Kimmel team is really starting to find tweets that aren’t as mean as they are funny. One of my personal favorites is Gerard Butler and his student loans, because it’s something I’ve wondered about many good actors who do bad movies.


Mean Tweets: Music Edition #2

As much as I love the first music edition, I think I love this just a little bit more. I love when they react to the mean tweets, so of course I love Lady Gaga’s mean tweet. As funny as they are, there are also a few that make you want to reach through your screen and give them a hug, and by a few, I mean Ed Sheeran.


Mean Tweets: NBA Edition #2

I’ve taken classes where professors have lectured endlessly on how badly college and professional sports players are cyber-bullied, so I was a little bit wary of clicking on this particular video. However, this was surprisingly funny, and it’s refreshing to see NBA players laughing at themselves, in particular Stephen Curry’s segment.


Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #6

Obviously there are a ton of “original” Celebrity Read Mean Tweets videos to watch, but this has always been one of my favorites. I love watching Jennifer Garner almost burst out laughing, I love Tom Hanks for being Tom Hanks, but most of all, I love Jimmy Kimmel’s tweet to Matt Damon. It’s an iconic moment in Celebrities Read Mean Tweet history.


Mean Tweets: Music Edition

A lot of my favorite singers were in this video, so I probably shouldn’t have loved it as much as I did. That being said, 2Chainz and Pharrell’s mean tweets made me laugh so hard that this video is definitely worth mentioning.

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Mean Tweets- NBA Edition

I’m not a huge fan of sports, so I wasn’t expecting love the two NBA Mean Tweets videos so much. While I laughed at every single one of these tweets, none made me laugh like the final tweet from DeAndre Jordan is one of my favorite mean tweets from this entire series.


Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #1

Here it is: the original Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. When watching this video, you’ll learn the origins of this now classic Jimmy Kimmel segment (celebrating Twitter’s sixth anniversary) and you’ll probably be shocked to learn that this series originated in 2012. I personally love it for how different it is than what the series is now, particularly Will Ferrell’s choice of location to read his mean tweet.

What is your favorite Celebrities Read Mean Tweets video? Tell me why it’s your favorite in the comment!

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theses are so f***ing funny, but these are all on youtube, so I'd say everyone seen them!

While the reactions to these horrific tweets are funny, the people who tweet these are cruel. These actors did nothing to anyone. If you hate the movie they play in don't watch it, heck tell people it's bad even.

That is so so so so funny LOL

Funniest thing EVER

Hilarious. Even if you've seen them before. Still hilarious.

To listen to mean tweets about celebs makes a lot of celebs laugh hard . Really it's quite sad that a person could be that emotional and dysfunctional to care that much about celebs considering they don't even know them ; scary too !

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