7 Funniest "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" You Haven't Seen Yet ...

I think at some point we all fall into a binge-watch of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets videos. There’s something so funny about them, even if there are a few where you just want to hug them and tell them that it’s okay. Most of the celebrities have hilarious reactions to their mean tweets, and these videos have the funniest reactions in my opinion. If you’re looking to laugh, look no further than these hilarious Celebrities Read Mean Tweets videos.

1. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #8

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This is one of the latest installments of this segment, and one of my personal favorites. Eight installments in, and the Jimmy Kimmel team is really starting to find tweets that aren’t as mean as they are funny. One of my personal favorites is Gerard Butler and his student loans, because it’s something I’ve wondered about many good actors who do bad movies.

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