11 Funny but True Reasons Being Single is Great ...


Even if you have seen the Honey Boo-Boo's Mom memes about your lack of a boyfriend, let's discuss the eleven funny but true reasons being single is great. First, you don't need validation from a man; you are your own person. With that enlightened thought, you can release all that anxiety produced by all these restrictive notions that you must have a man to be a complete person. Feel better? Great! Now let's review the eleven funny but true reasons being single is great.

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Even when You're Ugly

At the top of the list of reasons being single is great is the fact that you can be ugly whenever you want. You don't have to put on makeup or style your hair all the time. Gone are the days when you have to worry that he'll show up without calling and find you not looking your best. You can be as ugly as you want to be without judgment.


Did I Shave My Legs—for This?

Throw the razors out, girl! He's gone, you don't have to shave anymore, or ever again! Yay! If you want to become your own personal chia pet, you can do it. He won't be in your bed complaining about stubble or how your legs make you look like a Wookie. Hey, if it gets long enough you can always braid it and slide rastafari beads in it.


It's All Your Side

Long gone are the days when you must scoot over and make room for him. When you are single you can sleep in the middle of the bed without any worry of being called a bed hog. You can wrap yourself up in a burrito with the blankets and never hear how you stole all the covers and he was freezing. It's all yours now!


Impressive PJs

We have all made a point of wearing our nice pjs whenever he comes over. This implies that we introduced him to our impressive collection of lingerie and spared him the fleece or flannel pj pants with the cartoon characters and cute animals. However, now that you are single, you can wear whatever you want without judgment. So, go ahead girl and pull out those Rainbow Brite specials, Supergirl tank, and your zebra-striped knee socks. No one will know but you!


Your Dinner Menu

Some guys will nit-pick over which foods you both eat for dinner. When you're living together or married, it's understandable to balance out the menu to ensure that you both have the foods you like to eat. The bonus of being single is that you don't have to take a man into consideration. And if your ex-boyfriend is among the jerks that provide you with unwanted dieting or nutrition advice, now is the time to just let loose and eat everything he hated.


Your House is Cleaner

Among the first and most awesome elements you will notice about being single is that your place is cleaner. You won't find his socks, shoes, or assorted food wrappers in various places. This includes underneath your coffee table or wedged between the couch cushions. After dismissing a complete idiot once, I actually found candy wrappers, soda bottles, and beer tabs on the top of my kitchen cabinets wedged as far back as they could go. It's sad that a grown man couldn't place these items in a trash receptacle sitting a few feet away.


No More Wars over the Remote

Don't you hate it when you want to watch a movie and your boyfriend wants to watch sports? Guess what! You don't have to deal with that anymore! Yay! You can watch whatever you want at any time you want and never once have to worry that anyone will come into your living room and change the channel when you leave the room. No more fighting over whose night it is to watch your preferred shows. So pop that popcorn and enjoy Adam Levine on the Voice.


Argument Free Zone

When you're in a relationship, there isn't a guarantee that you will go one day without some form of argument. Most of the time, as you know, it is usually something stupid and childish that sparks a fight. Since you are now single you don't have to shield yourself before entering your own place to gauge whether or not it's a good day or bad. You can just walk in and relax after your busy day without drama.


Hello Guy Friends!

Have you noticed that some men are overtly jealous and act like children if you want to spend time around your guy friends? I had the same problem. Notice I said, “had.” It's understandable if your man has a problem with a guy friend who is obviously flirting with you and acting disrespectfully toward him or you. But jealousy over someone you have known since high school and has never been anything but cool with your guy is just unnecessary. Now, this jealousy and immaturity is no longer your problem.


ETA for Your Arrival

“When will you be home?” is above and beyond the most annoying question; especially, if you made plans to spend time with your family and he knows it. I used to have a boyfriend that would call me every hour on the hour to see when I was coming home. Yes, he was cheating, and yes he did need to know so he wouldn't get caught.


Girls Night

Arranging a girls night is no longer a hassle when you are single. You and your girls can meet up at any time that is convenient for everyone. There is no longer the need to discuss this with your live-in or husband. You can just leave work and start your night immediately.

With the divorce rate on the rise it's not surprising that there are a larger volume of single adults within the population. What you have to realize is that being single isn't a disaster or cause for depression; it's freedom and a way to enjoy your own company and that of others without stupidity. What are some aspects of being single that you enjoy?

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Hi all, new to this site and this made me smile too. Been single for nearly 2 months now... Doing lots of fun stuff!

This is so nice I've been single for about two weeks now and this has made me laugh a lot thanks girl!

I MISS BEING SINGLE..... I have no emotions and I'm annoyed all day everyday

"Your own personal chia pet" 😂😂

This made me so happy

Haha...I just had a good laugh. These, I can relate to and is so true. Who cares?

Being able to fart in bed again yay!

I am single and everyone worries about me because I am 30, with a phd and very cute . When people ask me why don't u have a bf I answer " what for ? I travel all the time for work ( I teach languages )I am in china maybe in two years I will be in japan or Indonesia or Canada ,the South America " I know if I have a bf I won't be able to travel anymore . I like my way of life it's not easy just like it's not easy to be in a relationship it's just a different choice not better or worse. In my work in china a lot of people envy me because due to they culture they had the social pressure Ty get married and have kids before 30 . I am free . Maybe one day I will settle down , have my own business and find a guy for for now I don't want it/ need it / except it .

I've been single for 4 years! And I can totally relate to all of these.

Lol wen I "think" I want a bf I say this same stuff to myself lol

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