Funny Clothing Tags You've Never Noticed before ...

By Heather

Funny Clothing Tags You've Never Noticed before ...

I had no idea that clothing tags could be so much fun! If you've never taken the time to read the tag in your clothes, try it! I can promise, you'll get a laugh and you'll probably put it on Instagram (just like I did when I found my first 'In Coleslaw' tag!). So, you ready to see what else they print on those clothing tags?

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1 Give It to Mom

Give It to Mom

2 Gremlins


3 The Smaller You Are …

The Smaller You Are …

4 All Super-Villains

All Super-Villains

5 Befriend the Bartender = Fact of Life

Befriend the Bartender = Fact of Life

6 Go See a Doctor!

Go See a Doctor!

7 Sassy Tag

Sassy Tag

8 Tested on Animals

Tested on Animals

9 Keeps Women Busy … Maybe?

Keeps Women Busy … Maybe?

10 Where Was This Made?

Where Was This Made?

11 Don't Be That Guy!

Don't Be That Guy!

12 If I Were Human …

If I Were Human …

13 Best & Worst Results

Best & Worst Results

14 Wear Me!

Wear Me!

15 You Can Dance!

You Can Dance!

16 Don't Slap Pandas

Don't Slap Pandas

17 Unicorns!


18 Don't Label Yourself

Don't Label Yourself

19 Shiloh?


20 Did It Really?

Did It Really?

21 Boys Are Smelly

Boys Are Smelly

22 Always, Always Wash Your Butt

Always, Always Wash Your Butt

23 Coleslaw?

Coleslaw? So, are you going to start checking your tags now? I am!

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Thanks for these:) Hilarious! I

hahaha, cool :D

Hee hee

So funny :D

There was a guy who laughed for three hours then he died I should stop 😶

So funny, lol!




Lol !

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