7 Funny Creative Games to Play with Your Boyfriend ...


7 Funny Creative Games to Play with Your Boyfriend ...
7 Funny Creative Games to Play with Your Boyfriend ...

When you're lacking ideas for a date, there are creative games to play with your boyfriend. Instead of pulling out a board game that you've played one hundred times before, you can play something new, or put a new twist on an old game. Here are some creative games to play with your boyfriend that'll keep your dates nights fun:

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Adjusted JENGA

Do you still have the game of Jenga tucked away in your closet? Pull it out, and write down different activities on each of the blocks. When you pull out the block during the game, you have to complete the activity listed on it. This is one of the creative games to play with your boyfriend that will keep you both entertained, because you're the ones making up the rules. Decide whether you want to make some of the blocks sexual, or just plain silly. It's all up to you two.



If you still have your old Twister board, you should pull it out, along with some paint that's safe to get on your skin. Pour the correct colored paint onto each colored dot, and get ready to get messy. Just make sure that you're wearing clothes you don't mind ruining.


Spice up SPIN the BOTTLE

All you need for this game is a bottle and a few slips of paper. Write different activities on each slip of paper, and place them around the bottle. Then take turns spinning the bottle, and complete whatever activity the bottle lands on. Make sure you write down some ridiculous tasks so that the game doesn't get boring.



Scrabble is hard enough to play without adding additional rules to it, but you might as well try it out! Try playing by only spelling out words that have something to do with your relationship, like "kiss" and "date." Or you could play a round where you use the phonetic spelling of words instead of the actual spelling. So instead of making the word "cutie," you can write "qt."


Playing Sexy Scrabble with your boyfriend is a fun and creative way to spice up your relationship. The game is a great way to get to know your partner better and to have some fun while doing it.

To play Sexy Scrabble, you and your partner take turns spelling out words that have something to do with your relationship. Words like “kiss” and “date” are perfect for this game. You can also play by using the phonetic spelling of words instead of the actual spelling. So if you want to spell out “cutie”, you can write “qt”.

This game is especially fun if you are both competitive. You can even make it more interesting by setting a timer and seeing who can come up with the most words in a certain amount of time. You can also challenge each other to come up with words related to a specific topic, such as “romantic movies” or “vacation spots”.

This game is also great for couples who are looking for a way to stay connected. You can use it as a way to learn more about each other and to talk about things that you may not have thought of before.



Write down random questions on slips of paper, and put them into a pile. Make sure that they're ridiculous topics that would never come up in a casual conversation. Ask what wild animal he would want to have as a pet, or what he would name a bakery if he owned one. The sillier, the better.


Personalized PICTIONARY

Play a game of Pictionary or Charades, but create your own words to draw and act out. In order to make the game special, make sure that each of the words are names of people that you both know, or places that you've both been together.



Play any video game or board game that you'd like, and create punishments for the loser. Make sure that they're ridiculous enough, or you won't play your hardest to win. Just remember that the aim of the game is to bring you two closer together, and not to embarrass the other person when they lose miserably.

When you want to have fun doing something new, try out one of these game ideas. They're sure to keep you entertained, and could even help bring you and your partner closer together. What games do you and your partner love to play?

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Fantastic ! Definite must try. We can't wait to play again this weekend. It's his turn.. 💞

Very cute ideas :) thank you!

This is so creative! Going to try them out this long weekend :) Thanks!

I will definitely try this

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