7 Funny, Creative Games to Play with Your Boyfriend ...


When you're lacking ideas for a date, there are creative games to play with your boyfriend. Instead of pulling out a board game that you've played one hundred times before, you can play something new, or put a new twist on an old game. Here are some creative games to play with your boyfriend that'll keep your dates nights fun:

1. Adjusted JENGA

Do you still have the game of Jenga tucked away in your closet? Pull it out, and write down different activities on each of the blocks. When you pull out the block during the game, you have to complete the activity listed on it. This is one of the creative games to play with your boyfriend that will keep you both entertained, because you're the ones making up the rules. Decide whether you want to make some of the blocks sexual, or just plain silly. It's all up to you two.