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Being a delivery driver, like many other jobs, has moments that are infuriating and moments that are hilarious. Are you looking for some funny delivery driver experiences? Keep reading.

Here are some of the best funny delivery driver experiences you'll ever read. Get ready to laugh!

1. Hotel Room Service

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β€œAs I approached the hotel room door, I heard moaning and rhythmic thumping. Another couple doing it, I thought, rolling my eyes, and knocked on the door. Of course, someone yells out β€œOne sec!” with the subsequent rustling and stumbling out of bed to the door. I heard whispering, and finally the door opens. Here is this 20 something guy wearing boxers, with the most obvious boner EVER. I see women’s heels nearby and I KNOW she is totally hiding under the covers. β€œHey, how you doing?” He says politely, as I hand him the credit card slip, acting as if I’m not delivering pizza to this guy with a tent. He signs, I hand him pizza and tip my hat. β€œHave a good night.” He replies in kind and shuts the door. I didn’t make it 3 feet away from the door before I lost it laughing. He definitely heard me."

2. Awkward...

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"I delivered to an apartment building on Christmas Eve. There was a security door at the bottom so you always had to meet them downstairs. I let them know I was there and within a few minutes, a young man comes downstairs in jeans with his collared shirt unbuttoned to the waist. He says, β€œYeah, they sent me down because I’m the only one with clothes on.”

3. Prank Call Gone Wrong

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"I answer the phone on a slow Thursday night. I hear two teenage girls giggling on the other end giggling. β€œYes, can we please get 400 pizzas to 1 Wall Street?” More giggling. 'Yeah, sure!' I said cheerfully. 'We’ll have that to you right away!' *click* The phone rings again seconds later, and frantic mom is on the other end. 'Don’t make those pizzas,' she yells breathlessly, as if I was about to touch a big, red, 'Do Not Touch' button. Right, lady, I had no idea it was a prank."

4. The Getaway Car

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"I make a quick stop at a convenience store on a delivery, and I see an older couple standing outside, looking for a ride. They asked if I could give them one, since the cab was taking forever. I apologized, and explained I couldn’t because of company policy. As I made my delivery, I started to feel bad, since it was late and I know how bad the cab companies in town could be. I called my manager to see if it wasn’t busy, could I give them a ride home if they were still there. Sure enough, they were still outside the convenience store. They got in, gave me $20 and we headed towards their house. Turns out they owned property that we delivered to often and we had a nice chat on the drive home. As they get out, the husband leans in and asks if I can not tell anyone I saw them. Slightly alarmed, I said sure, and headed back to the store. Not 2 minutes later, my manager calls, and says the police called looking for a 'nice' car driving away with the couple, who had escaped a bar fight and were on foot, kinda sorta eluding police. What?!"

5. Free Cash

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"On a busy weekend, I was dropping a pizza to a customer on a main road. A man walks up to us, boldly interrupting, asking if I can give him a ride to 15 West Street, which is about 3 blocks away. I tell him to hold on, complete my delivery and turn to him. 'I’ll give you $100,' he says before I can say anything. I paused, weighing my odds. I could SO use the money! Thoughts flashed before my eyes as I pondered every angle. Finally, I said, 'Sure. But know that I have a kid, don’t f**k with me.' He nodded and hopped in the car. We chatted easily, had a cigarette. He was nervous but calmed down. 'You’re so cool, I’m gonna give you an extra $20,' he promised. 'Well, thanks,' I answered. Three minutes later, I pulled into the driveway, he ran in, 45 seconds later he was back, 3 minutes later he was out of my car. I was alive, with an extra $120 in my pocket. I figure, maybe he just forgot his cell phone at home?"

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