11 Funny Fashion Quotes Every Woman Will Understand ...

By Holly

11 Funny Fashion Quotes Every Woman Will Understand ...

If you need a laugh, Pop Sugar can help you out. They've created a few funny quotes about all of the things us ladies have to deal with, just in terms of fashion. Here they are:

1 Oh, the Horror

Oh, the Horror

2 Organization Frustration

Organization Frustration

3 Forget Pink

Forget Pink

4 Is It Necessary?

Is It Necessary?

5 Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

6 Never Change

Never Change

7 Plans Change

Plans Change

8 Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

9 Three Basic Looks

Three Basic Looks

10 Picky, Picky

Picky, Picky

11 Life Goals

Life Goals Do you relate to any or all of these quotes?

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Yes!! To most of them!

Lol funny quotes and true indeed 😂😂

#10 everyday


Love this!!!

I love the "plan productive weekend" one! SO awesome!

Funny ! 😅😂 love the trying 27 outfits then go for the first one

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