11 Funny Good Morning GIFS to Send Your Boyfriend ...


11 Funny Good Morning GIFS to Send Your Boyfriend ...
11 Funny Good Morning GIFS to Send Your Boyfriend ...

Your boyfriend should be the first person you think of when you wake up--and you should let him know it. Sending him a sweet good morning text is nice, but you should occasionally shake it up by sending over something funny. It'll keep him on his toes and get him smiling first thing in the morning. Here are a few good morning GIFS to send your boyfriend when you want to make him chuckle:

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Breakfast Beats Chocolate

Breakfast Beats Chocolate Johnny Depp's weirdness never fails to impress. Send your boyfriend this GIF in order to wake him right up. It's hard to hit the snooze button after looking at that face.


Penny for Your Thoughts

Penny for Your Thoughts If your boyfriend texts you before you text him, send him this GIF. It'll work especially well if he woke you up when he knows you're not a morning person. If it's 7:50, wait ten minutes to respond so the joke will be spot on.


Awake and Angry

Awake and Angry Nobody really wants to be awake before noon, especially if they have to run off to a job or class they hate. If you're not in the best mood, give your boyfriend a warning by sending him this GIF. He'll get the point, but still get a laugh.


Actual Evil

Actual Evil Ain't that the truth? It's hard to get up and face the day, but it's something you have to do. At least you're free to insult the morning as much as you want and it can't do anything to defend itself.


Early Bird

Early Bird If you're too tired to even form complete sentences, this is the GIF for you. It'll portray you accurately, so your boyfriend will feel like he's right in the room with you.


Cute Kitten

Cute Kitten If your man is a cat lover, you might as well wake him up with a cute kitty. Plus, Anna Faris isn't bad to look at either. He'll be thankful for the GIF.


More Minutes

More Minutes If your boyfriend won't stop texting you, beg him for a few more blissful minutes of sleep time. It doesn't have to be long. Just five minutes will suffice.


Up and at 'Em

Up and at 'Em If he asks you how your morning has been, this GIF gives you the perfect response. You were perfectly happy when you woke up in your comfy bed, but since you rolled out of it, things changed. You just can't wait to be back in it tonight.


Good Morning

Good Morning If you aren't planning to see your boyfriend today, this GIF will work pretty well. It's a chance to say good morning to him, good afternoon, and goodnight all at once. It kills a few birds with one stone.


Robin Williams' Words

Robin Williams' Words If you're a huge Robin Williams fan, you'll appreciate this homage to him. It's from his movie, which is appropriately called Good Morning Vietnam.


Just Listen to Jackson

Just Listen to Jackson Here's a great GIF for when your boyfriend just won't wake up, no matter how many times you text him to get out of bed. If Samuel L. Jackson can't do the job, no one can.

Don't forget to show your man how much you love him by making him laugh as soon as his eyes open. Do you send your boyfriend good morning texts as soon as you wake up?

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