9 Funny 😂 Yet Effective✊🏼Lines to Tell Him You're Interested 😍 ...


It's scary to admit your feelings to your crush. That's why, instead of bluntly telling him that you're in love with him and want to be his future wife, you should use a few funny lines to flirt with him. You'll get the same point across without sounding too intense. You just need to know that he's able to take a joke. If he can, here are a few funny lines that will let him know you like him:

1. I'm Not Staring at Your Abs. I'm Staring at Your Heart

This line will accomplish two things. It'll let him know that you've seen how fit he is and are a fan of his physique. Plus, it'll let him know that you're more concerned with his heart and personality than his devilish good looks. If he never realized you had a crush on him before, he will now.

Tie Your Shoes. I Don't Want You Falling for Anyone else