7 Funny Love Quotes from Comedians That Will Cheer You up ...

There are a lot of funny love quotes that will help you express your feelings better and in a more colorful way. Some of my favorite comedians have defined love in a very unique way and I wanted to share their opinions with you just to see if you agree with them or if you think that some of their statements are just too over-the-top. I’m sure these funny love quotes will help you chuckle through romance and you might even discover new ways of finding humor in love. Here are a few funny love quotes from comedians that will cheer you up for sure:

1. Will Ferrell

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This is by far one of my favorite funny love quotes from comedians, since he couldn’t have said it any better. You really don’t know how a person is like until you see them use a computer with slow Internet. You would be surprised how much you can find out about them just from this simple test.

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