10 Funny Pieces of Relationship Advice That Will Actually Help ...


10 Funny Pieces of Relationship Advice That Will Actually Help ...
10 Funny Pieces of Relationship Advice That Will Actually Help ...

The dating world is rough. That's why we could use all of the help we could get. Even though your family and friends probably have some wise words for you, the Internet has some surprisingly good advice, as well. You just have to listen to the right people. If you're stuck in a dating rut, here are a few funny pieces of relationship advice that'll actually help you out:

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Human or Onion?

Human or Onion? Yes, this sounds absolutely ridiculous. Of course, you know what else is ridiculous? Dating someone who makes you cry more often than they make you smile. If you're always upset over a certain boy, then he probably shouldn't be in your life. If he was worth your time, he would do everything within his power to keep those tears off of your pretty cheeks.


Believe it or not, onions should be the only thing in your kitchen causing your eyes to water—not your relationship. So, don't settle for a love life that shares too much in common with peeling vegetables. After all, you're going for a healthy relationship that adds flavor to your life without the unnecessary tears. Keep your eyes peeled for someone who's more about bringing the joy and less about the cry. Remember, the best partnerships make you feel like you're cooking up a fabulous life together—not chopping onions!


Love the Way You Lie

Love the Way You Lie Rihanna might sing about how much she loves to hear her men lie, but nobody else agrees with her. There's no reason to date a guy that you can't trust. If every word that comes out of his mouth sounds sketchy, then he's not someone you want to waste your time with. Honesty is essential in a healthy relationship, so if he's not willing to tell you the truth, you should tell him to leave.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it can! Laughing together can build a stronger bond, make tough times easier, and keep things fun.

Wear a silly hat during arguments. It's hard to stay mad when you look so ridiculous!

Sure, as long as it's done lovingly and you both find it funny. It shows you accept and love each other as you are.

Make a game out of it or pretend you're on a cooking show. Making chores fun can make them go by faster.

Try to find a type of humor that works for both of you. Laughing at funny videos or shows together can be a good start.


Love is like Death

Love is like Death Even though you see movies and hear songs about love every single day, it's impossible to understand what it feels like. You won't know for certain until you actually experience the emotion yourself. Once you do, you're in for a real treat, because it's the most amazing feeling in the world! You're going to love the way that love feels.


Relationship Status on Facebook

Relationship Status on Facebook Some couples are overly dramatic. If they really loved each other, then they wouldn't threaten to break up after every little argument. Couples fight. It's a part of life. The thing that determines whether or not they'll last is how they handle those fights.


A Relationship is like a House

A Relationship is like a House If you really love your man, why would you think about dumping him over something silly? Instead of getting angry at him and finding someone new to replace him, you should sit down with him and try to come to a compromise. Wouldn't you rather take the time to work things out with him than spend years trying to get over him?


Make Sure You're the Crazy One

Make Sure You're the Crazy One We're all a little bit crazy. Of course, if you want your relationship to last a long time, then you should date someone who's slightly less crazy than you are. That way, you won't have to deal with any insane fights or accusations. He will.


Don't Date Anyone like Your Ex

Don't Date Anyone like Your Ex Don't get upset when your ex tells you that you're never going to find anyone like him. You don't need anyone like him! If you did, then you'd still be dating him. Your goal should be to find someone ten times better than your ex. Your future boyfriend shouldn't be anything like the old boyfriend that broke your heart into a million pieces.


Keep Old Baggage out of New Relationships

EV Box, human action, text, font, biology, In new relationships sometimes it's worth thinking of it as a new slate and a fresh start. Obviously your ex and your new boyfriend are different people so therefore they should be kept separate from each other! Bringing old baggage into new relationships is the quickest way to set it up for a loss.


More Issues than a Magazine

Brig, Advantage Realty, text, font, line, If you're seeing red flags left, right and centre in your relationship and it seems like there's more problems than not, it's probably time to reconsider whether or not the relationship itself is working. If not, it might be time to put an end to those issues by cancelling the subscription!


Similarities and Differences

BDO Unibank, Stichting Tess, Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In, text, font, One amazing part of being in a new relationship is finding out how they're different and similar to you! Don't feel like you have to find the female/male version of yourself to date, instead choose to embrace the differences you have!

These quotes prove that advice can be true and funny at the same time. What's the funniest relationship advice you've ever heard?

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The last one is the best!

Mr too! Love it!

Thanks .... I think this will be a stepping stone for me

I really enjoy reading this article it made my day and it kept it real

Great article n so true!

Great advice thanks 😊

But if the house is a cheating lying wjore then burn that bitch to the ground and better a better house with longer lasting lights

Funny and so true!

"Love is like death" I like that. :)

The best advice I have had, was once a cheat, always a cheat. So if you break my heart, you are going to break it again. So my motto is one we break up. I don't know you.

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