7 Funny Quotes about the Difficulty of Flirting ...

Quotes about flirting will make you feel better about your awkward interactions. Sometimes, your crush will respond well to your compliments and will ask you on a date before you know it. Other times, he won't even realize that you're trying to get with him. Whether you're a professional flirt or just plain awkward, you should be able to relate to these quotes about flirting:

1. Friendly or Flirting

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It's hard to define flirting. Some people will accuse you of flirting with your male friends when you're not even trying to be seductive. That's why it's easy to get away with saying that you weren't intentionally trying to land a date with your crush, even if you were. You can just take advice from one of these great quotes about flirting and claim that you were being extra friendly to someone extra attractive.

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