7 Funny Quotes for Foodies Who Love to Cook ...

If you're obsessed with tasting the finest meals at the fanciest restaurants, or spending your nights cooking until the sun rises, you'll love the following quotes for foodies. Everybody enjoys eating, so if you're a chef in the making, you must be one likable gal. People will flock to your house once they see your kitchen light turn on, begging for snacks. If you can't stop thinking about the next meal you're going to cook or eat, you'll get a kick out of these quotes for foodies:

1. We All Need Wine

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Every great cook knows that wine can be a useful ingredient. But sometimes, it's hard to pour it onto our meals without stealing a sip or two. Those few sips can turn into a few glasses, and then a few bottles, and then there's no wine left to cook with! This is one of the funniest quotes for foodies, because wine is such an important ingredient.

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